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Stephen Curry discusses his feelings about Mark Jackson, Golden State Warriors organization

Days after Andrew Bogut shared his thoughts about ousted Warriors coach Mark Jackson, Steph Curry did the same today during a media session.


After accepting the 2014 NBA's Community Assist Award this morning, Golden State Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry spoke to the media about his feelings regarding Mark Jackson being fired earlier this month.

Naturally, that leaves people to wonder about whether the Warriors' superstar is committed to the franchise in the long-term.

The media asked the appropriate questions and his answers will probably leave some fans with more questions - Bay Area Sports Guy made the fair point that Curry's (non-)responses today seemed more evasive than usual, which might be read into as a bad omen.

Not at all to refute that sentiment, but I actually think there's some valuable truth in one of Curry's more straightforward points, as reported by Tim Kawakami.

It's just tough. I mean, there's no sugarcoating it. It was a weird expedited situation that we didn't see coming. And guys are human-got to be able to adjust to it and have some time to respond.

That's kind of what happened. Like I said, I think we'll be fine once we have a clear picture of what's going on next year.

Even if we want to imagine these guys as cold gladiators without feelings, these guys are human.

Any time you (rather quickly) lose a coach/boss/teacher under whom you enjoy working, of course there's going to be an adjustment period - that was the obvious risk of firing Jackson to begin with. At the same time, liking an authority doesn't inherently mean they're the best for you or your development - especially in this case, I can personally say I'm neither a fan of Jackson nor the move to replace him with a completely inexperienced Steve Kerr but can also say that right now we have about as good an idea as Curry about how well this will work out for the team (that would be "no idea", unless some among us are clairvoyant).

Uncertainty sucks, but it doesn't negate the possibility of a better future. And there's nothing to suggest that Curry is unaware of that rather simple fact.

Even taking all that into account, I don't think we can take anything Curry said outside of the context of where the Warriors have been: consecutive playoff berths is something this organization hasn't achieved since many of these players were very young children and before Harrison Barnes was even born.

Jackson's impact on this organization was arguably more meaningful than average and that's not lost on an All-Star like Curry who will be playing for the fourth coach of his career this coming season.

It was emotional for sure, seeing that come to an end. For me, it was who he was as a person, and our relationship and communication, but also just, he was a sign of stability for me.

I had three coaches in three years and he embodies what I know as good around here with the Warriors, winning and that kind of feel. It was a lot different my first years. Not to say... I loved Coach Smart and Coach Nelson... but he embodied winning for me, and it's tough to see that end.

To expect these guys not to feel anything about losing a coach they liked and were successful with for this organization would be ridiculous; to expect them to sacrifice winning in the future for pouting under the new coach is probably just as ridiculous.

If the Warriors win moving forward, Curry will probably want to re-sign anyway (barring financial complications) and we'll easily forget about this episode.

For more reaction to Mark Jackson being fired, check out our Mark Jackson storystream.

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