Do we get rid of Mark Jackson?

Let me begin by admitting my incredible frustration with the man this season when it came down to crunch time plays.

And I totally understand the sentiment that he's just not fit to be a coach due to the lack of "X-O" capability.

However, I'm hesitant to jump on the bandwagon of getting rid of him. He's only in his 3rd year as a coach (not even just a head coach, simply his 3rd year as a coach...) and during his time the team has not done "horribly." Moreover, the entire roster seems to support him and have a true desire to play for him. If Bogut was healthy I am confident that we would have won this series, and the doubters would have a lot less to talk about - are we really going to base this performance on the coach then?

While we are, at times, completely reliant on the playmaking abilities and athleticism of the players on the court, will we really be any better with a different coach? If so - who really fits the bill?

George Karl anyone?

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