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Who are you rooting for now that the Warriors have been eliminated?

SB Nation 2014 NBA Playoff Bracket

Steve Dykes

Although the Golden State Warriors are eliminated from the 2014 NBA Playoffs, the world won't stop for us to sulk.

So with the second round beginning tonight, who are you rooting for?

SB Nation has the full second round schedule posted and Matt Moore of CBS Sports has a pretty comprehensive breakdown of each team, but below are just a few Warriors-related reasons you might want to root for each team (in order of Moore's rankings).


Pros: They're good, everyone likes to root for a winner, and they're a dynasty in the making.

Cons: Do you really just want to jump on that bandwagon?

San Antonio

Pros: They play a beautiful brand of basketball and might be nearing the end of their run. And... Marco Belinelli?

Cons: They're playing Damian Lillard & Co. And if you're mad about the Clippers flopping...well...

Portland Trail Blazers

Pros: Obvious: Oakland's own Damian Lillard. And hey, Stanford fans, you got Robin Lopez! If neither of them do it for you, Dorell Wright is generally one of the league's good guys and a former Warrior as well.

Cons: They're almost like the trendy, feel-good story at this point (unless you picked them to get this far in the preseason, in which case you're a genius or need to buy lottery tickets more often). Otherwise, I can't really think of a reason not to root for them.

Washington Wizards

Pros: Of the teams remaining, they might just be the most surprising or at least the team whose first round performance was more surprising than expected with a 4-1 beat down of the Chicago Bulls.

Cons: Well, if you're Colin Cowherd, John Wall's very existence might be offensive to you or something.

Oklahoma City Thunder

Pros: Kevin Durant is good. Really good.

Cons: Their ownership group.

L.A. Clippers

Pros: I mean, I guess you could go with that old "if you lose, you might as well lose to the eventual champ"... but ... right now, blatant homerism is keeping me from thinking that way...

Cons: Many, but I'll keep it apolitical for now: After taking home the award for Flop of the Year last season, no Clipper ranked in the top 10 this season...but we know the truth...

Brooklyn Nets

Pros: KG and Pierce getting one more shot at LeBron and the Heat? I think that's kinda awesome. They're the underdog in this series and these guys are nearing the end of their careers.

Cons: If you're tired of watching isos this season, this is probably not the team for you.

Indiana Pacers

Pros: Paul George has emerged as the next big thing behind the big big things in the league and that makes them worth rooting for. Side note, I always liked C.J. Watson's heart with the Warriors.

Cons: If you're gonna jump on a top seed's bandwagon like a true front-runner, you should at least be confident they'll win. Also, of the playoff teams left, they have the engineer of the highest rated Flop of the Year.

I'm just really tired of flopping.

Enjoy the rest of the playoffs, vote in the poll below.

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