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Fanpost: "Seven things to expect in the Steve Kerr era"

GSoM community member Apricot had a pretty good fanpost detailing seven observations from Steve Kerr's public comments about his vision for the Golden State Warriors.

The seven points are as follows:

1. Keeping Mark Jackson's D.

2. System offense, but not the Triangle Offense, only triangle principles.

3. More passing by bigs.

4. Ws will push the pace and flow into secondary offense and use more bench.

5. Misdirection and movement: No straight isolations or straight pick and rolls.

6. Possibly other influence from the Spurs offense.

7. Fundamentals Practice. We talking about practice?!

To comment on the article, check out the post here. For more on Kerr and the Warriors' search to fill out his coaching staff, check out our storystream.

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