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NBA Finals Game 3 Open Thread

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Game 3 of the NBA Finals begins at 6 p.m. on ABC. Discuss it here.

Brendan Maloney-USA TODAY Sports

Two articles to read while you wait for Game 3 to begin: Tom Haberstroh's article about Chris Bosh and Tom Ziller's article about the importance of movement and spacing after Game 2, including this nugget about the Golden State Warriors.

In many ways, the Finals are a crash course for team-builders in what you need to win in today's NBA. The Spurs and Heat model aren't perfectly replicable because it's hard to find great talent...But teams can learn from the two franchises' actual on-court behavior. Too many teams lack a corps of shooters to pop in as needed. Too many teams rely on too few shot creators or embrace a system that restricts the natural ball-handling and passing skills of its players. (The Warriors' offense, for example, basically wasted the sharing skills of Andrew Bogut and David Lee.)

Ziller's note about the Warriors isn't exactly controversial or contrary to the prevailing sentiment around here and might even be quantifiable.

This series has been basketball at its best thus far and, at this point, I just hope we see more of that regardless of who wins.

Enjoy the game.