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NBA Finals Game 4 open thread

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Chris Trotman

So, the San Antonio Spurs have a real opportunity to put a stranglehold on this Finals series with a win tonight in Miami.

Plenty has been said about that and I'm sure you know the story, but with talk about the role that Spurs assistant Chip Engelland has played in Kawhi Leonard's development I thought that this excerpt from Tom Ziller's column this morning was a worthwhile read:

The story of Kawhi is not a story about how the Spurs can turn anyone into an NBA star. The story of Kawhi is the story of how a young player with the right tools can fully dedicate himself to being totally awesome despite being ranked No. 48 in his high school class and going No. 15 in a crummy draft.

Not at all to say we shouldn't get excited about the notion of poaching Engelland, but I have to agree with Ziller's about the tenor of this coverage.