If No Love, What then?

I'm a big chemistry guy. I too would love to get Kevin Love but not for Thompson. Watching the Spurs win the championship against a more super star team tells me there is something to be said for a team that has been together for a time and trusts one another and shares. I think that is what we have and don't want to mess that up. If Lee is still around I hope he works on an outside shot to give us what we are looking for from Love. I think people forget he us a hard worker and is almost as productive as Love.

So then what? With no draft picks what do we do? Sign Ray Allen to provide a reliable outside shooter. Give Nemanja Nedović an opportunity to become the back up PG we envisioned, trade Barnes and Speights for draft picks. Draft a Dario Saric, Efrid Payton or Zack LaVine. This will give us young cheaper bench options given the development of Draymond as a stretch 4.

With the money saved, we could sign a Pau Gasol who has indicated he will sign for less to win a championship. Here is an article: Pau Gasol Rumor.

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