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NBA trade rumor: Warriors willing to trade Klay Thompson to acquire Kevin Love

In a key development in the Kevin Love trade sweepstakes, the Warriors have reportedly made Klay Thompson available to the Wolves.


The one major sticking point from a Golden State Warriors perspective in making a deal with the Minnesota Timberwolves for Kevin Love was whether they'd be willing to part with star guard Klay Thompson.

Now it looks like they've crossed that hurdle and are making a legit push for Love.

Whether the reason for their willingness to part with Thompson was his potential max contract demand or their having Love to put in pick-and-pops with Stephen Curry, the big development is not only the Warriors' willingness to move him but also Thompson's apparent willingness to sign with the Wolves when his rookie contract expires.

The next big question is whether the Wolves consider some combination of Thompson, Harrison Barnes, David Lee, and a future draft pick in exchange for a package involving Love and Kevin Martin enough. After that, there's still the matter of when they'd want to make this trade: they could still choose to wait on other offers or even still decide to play the season out.

Yet based on multiple reports yesterday, there's every reason to believe that the Warriors are indeed the front-runners for Love at the moment. The exchange of Thompson for Martin in this deal isn't exactly exciting, but flipping Lee for Love more than outweighs the Warriors being forced to take on that extra salary.

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