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Is Klay Thompson worth a max contract?

Eddie Maisonet of SB Nation wrote an article earlier today boldly, though not necessarily controversially, proclaiming that Klay Thompson is not a franchise player.

The article offered a rather harsh evaluation of Thompson's value to the team, but the key aspect - and one of the key considerations in dealing him for a player like Kevin Love - is whether he's worth the max contract he reportedly wants.

These are the concerns that must be weighed by the Warriors, Timberwolves or any other team that decides to offer Thompson a new contract. How much do you pay him? Is he talented enough to provide more of a silver lining for Minnesota than anyone in the Oklahoma City package for James Harden? (I'm sorry Thunder fans, I really am.) This is the conundrum that will make or break the biggest potential trade in the league since Carmelo forced took his talents to New York.

If indeed Thompson is looking for a max contract and the Warriors have an opportunity to pass that "conundrum" to the Timberwolves in exchange for taking Kevin Love...that's just one more reason to make the deal now.