Let's dream about getting LeBron together, shall we?

Like everyone else, I've been thinking of ways for LeBron to join my favorite team. Obviously it's unlikely that LeBron leaves Miami and even more unlikely for him to come to Golden State but until he makes his final decision, we can dream about what could be right? Here's the best I could come up with.

A 4 way trade between Golden State, Minnesota, Detroit & Orlando.

GSW get K Love

TWolves get Klay + Lee

Pistons get Iguodala

Magic get Josh Smith+JJ Barea

Why they do it:

GSW gets Love who will be a major asset to attract LeBron

Min has been asking for Klay and they'll finally get him

Det has had major issues with Josh Smith at SF, it just hasn't worked for them and they need a true SF that can also play defense. Iguodala would be a gift to them.

Orlando is lacking PGs, especially with Jameer Nelson becoming a free agent and also needs bigs. JJ Barea and Josh Smith would help them address their needs and can eat those contracts by being below the cap.

Now with this trade and Warriors dumping Speights expiring contract in the bushes somewhere, they have enough money to sign LeBron outright. The pitch to LeBron would be to join Curry and Love, 2 great offensive players and play in a system under Steve Kerr who will play a team offense with moving parts and ball movement instead of sending LeBron 1 on 5 like his previous teams have been doing.

Again this is a pipe dream at this point but what a dream....Curry/whoever/Lebron/Love/Bogut with Green/Ezeli/Barnes coming off the bench.

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