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2014 NBA Draft + Golden State Warriors Preview: Will the questions be answered tonight?

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Happy Draft Day!

In Bob and Steve we trust.
In Bob and Steve we trust.
Justin Sullivan

The glorious time of the year that is NBA Draft is upon us. It used to be Xmas day for Warriors fans. Many times we ended up finding nothing but a lump of coal in our stocking (ahem, Todd Fuller, Mike Dunleavy Jr., Patrick O'Bryant), but other times there were some franchise changers (and Gilbert Arenas, Stephen Curry, of course... Adonal Foyle). Thanks to some winning, the NBA Draft doesn't have to be a critical offseason day for the Warriors now.

More Warriors draft history:

Key Warriors 2014 NBA Draft Questions

1) Will the Warriors find their way into the 1st round?

This year's class has gotten as much pre-draft hype as any in recent memory. Draft pundits have project solid rotation players being available deep into the 20's. Will the Warriors be able to buy or trade their way in?

2) Will Klay Thompson be a Warrior by the end of this evening?

The Splash Brothers have been entertaining, but the Warriors might think it's time to move on and sell high. Reading in between the lines from all the offseason trade rumors, the Warriors front office and Thompson don't see eye-to-eye on contract dollars. Thompson's camp is looking for near max dollars which he could probably get elsewhere and the Warriors probably don't have the budget for that given their financial commitments to the other 4 starters.

3) Will David Lee be a Warrior by the end of this evening?

Newsflash: The Warriors are rumored to be shopping David Lee.

Sometimes I wonder if the Warriors were looking to trade David Lee back in 2009.

4) Will Harrison Barnes be a Warrior by the end of this evening?

Some of my esteemed colleagues have been eager to pull an armchair-trigger on the former lottery pick.

2014 SB Nation Blogger NBA Mock Draft: Experimenting with Harrison Barnes' trade value

I'm not as cold on his future and would hate to see the Warriors sell low.

5) Kevin Love?

See The Kevin Love Sweepstakes story stream.


Rumor: LeBron is part of Warriors' motivation to pursue Kevin Love?

Key 2014 NBA Draft Questions

Now the Warriors could easily have a very uneventful evening, but as a hoops junkie tonight should be incredibly entertaining. Here's some of the things I'm looking for.

1) How far will Joel Embiid slide?

No one one wants to be remembered as the guy who drafted Sam Bowie or Greg Oden. But will someone want to be remembered as the guy who stole Embiid in the draft? Once Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker, Dante Exum, and Julius Randle are off the board I think it's a risk worth taking.

2) Is the enough to drop the L from LEastern Conference?

7 out of the top 10 picks of this hyped draft (thankfully for everyone involved) belong to Eastern Conference teams. Will we look back back at this draft in 3-4 years as the night that brought the East back up to Western Conference standards of basketball?

3) Will the Cavs screw up the #1 overall pick 2 years in a row?

These types of back-to-backs aren't exactly the type of streaks that entice LeBron to make a Cleveland comeback.

4) How many times will we hear "this guy's just a winner"?

I'm sure there's some fun (water) drinking game here. Here's a draft day tip, anytime you hear this, it's code for "this guy's going to be a BUST."

5) Will Adam Silver get booed like David Stern?

I don't think so, unless Donald Sterling's extended family and girlfriend is in the audience.

Happy Draft Day to all!