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Aaron Craft headlines Golden State Warriors Summer League roster

After an uneventful draft, the Warriors went to work right away and signed several players to the Summer League in Las Vegas, spanning July 11-21.

Jared Wickerham

Here, from my #SOURCES (which really means Twitter), is what appears to be the Golden State Warriors Summer League roster at this moment on a Friday afternoon. We'll keep updating but seeing as news is going to run slow before free agency starts and the moratorium ends, it's something to look forward to.

Golden State Warriors Summer League Roster:

Aaron Craft/Ohio State/PG:

The most annoying player, according to many people, seems like one of those guys that necessitate the "you love him if he's on your team and hate him if he's not" reaction. Regardless of the numerous thinkpieces you can pen in his honor, Craft is a defender that never stops working. He isn't close to an NBA prospect because if you don't have NBA size, you better be able to shoot, and he doesn't possess either trait. But we will get to root for the rosy-cheeked guy everyone hated for four years in college basketball. Whoo!

Travis Bader/Oakland/SG:

Bader, a sharpshooter from Oakland University (in Michigan so fret not if you've never heard of him) holds the record for most threes made in NCAA history. Also, the most attempts in NCAA history. Like last year's Ian Clark, the Warriors are hoping to strike gold with a sharpshooter that can handle the rock and play some defense. Since they missed on Nik Stuaskas and Doug McDermott, this might be their best chance at uncovering a diamond in the blistering, thirsty Vegas heat.

Rob Loe/Saint Louis/Center:

Not to be mistaken for the combustible sidekick to Rashida Jones' Ann Perkins in Parks and Recreation, Loe is a stretch shooter that's hoping to ride the wave of big men shooters that hold roster spots in the NBA. On a team bereft of true shooting outside of a couple elite guards, Loe should be fun to watch in a system led by Steve Kerr. If/when the Warriors trade for Kevin Love and/or Channing Frye, they might be used the way he is during the Summer League.

Orlando Johnson/UC Santa Barbara/SG:

Johnson played all over the NBA, already bouncing between the Sacramento Kings, Indiana Pacers and several D-League destination in his two-year NBA career so far. The player with the most NBA experience and talent, he is likely to take most of the shots and we'll get to know him much better.

James Michael McAdoo/UNC/Forward:

Once tabbed as a lottery-level talent, McAdoo stayed in North Carolina for three years, essentially doing the same thing he did on Day One, flashing NBA-level plays while falling into simple errors sometimes in the same sequence. Despite a good wingspan and solid athleticism, he failed to score or finish efficiently. Expect more of the same, including the several highlight reel dunks he's sure to throw down.

Davon Usher/Delaware/G:

I don't know much about Usher and now I'm thinking if they'll play Yeah! at the clubs in Vegas. Anyway, he's got a long wingspan at nearly 6' 10" while standing 6' 4.25" feet tall. He also went to the same school as Joe Flacco. Usher averaged 19.4 points on 13.7 shots in college but didn't have a great three-point shot or was a passing guard. Probably nothing to see here.

Tyrus McGee

Another guy with no Wikipedia page and sparse DraftExpress descriptions. How will I do my job?! Anyway, he's a glue guy as billed by Fran Fraschilla (who loves everyone and probably thinks I could work as a solid off-the-bench waterboy).

McGee was a part of a Iowa State team that finished the regular season ranked 9th in the country so definitely a WINNER. Warriors need to keep developing that WINNING culture so A+ signing, guys.

Walt Lemon Jr./Bradley/PG:

The last time the Warriors were associated with a Bradley product, they were enamored with Patrick O'Bryant's couple rare good games in the NCAA Tournament, enough to spend a lottery pick on him and watching him bust. Lemon averaged 4.4 assists in college, which equates, because of the weirdo college rules and systems, to about eight per game at the NBA level. Just simple math.

Not a shooter but averaged 20.3 points his senior season, perhaps he is.....I'm starting to lose words here. One more?

Kiwi Gardner/From Oakland/G:

Everyone's favorite hometown baller, Gardner is beloved by all those that keep up with the Pro-Am circuit and especially Youtube. I had the chance to interview him last year before the D-League season and he was delighted just to be invited, even without the promise of playing time. He's now got the chance to work under head coach Kerr and I can't be the only one hoping he puts on a show.

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