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Golden State Warriors sign Shaun Livingston

After a promising career was stunted by a horrific injury, the Golden State Warriors have signed Shaun Livingston. His brilliant comeback season at Brooklyn Nets solidifies this as an excellent signing for Curry and the offense.

Robert Mayer-USA TODAY Sports

Remember when that leg injury was going to end his career? What a comeback for Shaun Livingston. It comes up every time someone mentions Livingston but obviously a huge moment for a guy that's battled the worst and scariest in modern professional hoops.

It appears as if the Warriors have used the full mid-level exception for all three years he is signed. I think this is an excellent signing that helps Stephen Curry off the ball and will handle the ball and offense much better anyone the Warriors had at backup PG the last two years. And, yes, he can play a little defense. Perhaps makes someone a bit more expendable....?

There will be more analysis coming soon but your reaction first.

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