A Few Ways Warriors can use the TPE

Here are the facts:

  • The Warriors have a trade exception that expires July 10th (tonight) for $9.83M from the Richard Jefferson trade
  • The Warriors are above the cap and close to the tax line, meaning any deal they take on will move them into the Tax bracket (not ideal)
  • This exception can be used to take on salary without returning a player (though in theory they have a few that can be shipped out)
  • The Warriors are thin in the bigs department off the bench with concerns over Eziei's long term health
  • The Warriors want short term money as they need flexibility for next year's free agent crop (Kevin Love) and their own guys (Klay Thompson)
So what are the options?
  • Warriors get Brandon Bass (1 yr, $6.9M) from the Celtics; Gives back court presence at a reasonable salary. Takes team into the tax for a guy they could probably get much cheaper with same production in FA. Also serves as a trade chip at the deadline as an expiring
  • Warriors get Thaddeus Young (2 years, $9.41M) from the 76ers; Another big man off the bench that can score who's game might just be too close to Mo Speights for this to make sense. Only works if Warriors think that they can trade him again next off season, and that is a long shot
  • Warriors get Chuck Hayes (1 year, $5.98M) from the Raptors; An overpay for a guy who you can duplicate in free agency, but becomes a good expiring contract
  • Warriors get Jeremy Lin (1 year, $8.37M at time of trade) from Rockets; Helps the Rockets clear up space to sign their big man target (not good for us) but gives us $15M in an expiring to help make a second trade (good for us). Prob made more sense before the Livingston deal
  • Warriors get Ryan Anderson (2 years, $8.5M) from the Pelicans; The Warriors give in, take in the 2 years of money for a sharpshooter off the bench as a stretch 4. Thats a big risk for a guy coming off big injuries who becomes a longer commitment then the usual rental player. The Pels prob get more value out of him playing him and trading him at the deadline, and why do the Warriors take the risk if he isnt ready to sap the tax? Would prob make Warriors fans happiest though
  • Warriors get Kendrick Perkins (1 year, $9.4M) from the Thunder; We give OKC the room to sign Pau so that we can take on that bad contract for a defensive specialist and black hole on O. Thinking Thunder does this in a second if not for the emotional connection to Kendrick as a team leader.
  • Warrrior do nothing and let it expire; They go into next season counting on league min guys to help fill the spots (Jason Maxiell? Udoh?) and hope for health. Ya... that seems much more like it

What do you think they do?

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