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Warriors Dynasty falls to Los Angeles Lakers in overtime

After 16 straight victories spanning 2010-2014, the Golden State Warriors finally fell to the Los Angeles Lakers at the buzzer in overtime, 89-88.

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I'm still not sure how to recap a Summer League game. On one hand, you want to give credence to the fact they're all playing for roster spots either in the NBA or somewhere overseas. On the other, the pace and level of play is so bad, it's tough not to ridicule the entire thing if you're searching for tangible evidence of NBA talent. Other than that, this was a fantastic game if only because the ending was so unintentionally awesome.

Here are the stats.

The former portion of the game was met with similar groans and silence as each team went through the motions of your standard sloppy pickup game. Without true NBA talent on either side, except Julius Randle (maybe Kendall Marshall), there wasn't a whole lot to look for. That being said, a game-winning putback by Jordan Clarkson at least afforded us the comfort of knowing we spent a few hours watching something that ended with a spark and not a resoundingly familiar thud.


1. Julius Randle has a lightning-quick first step. I've so far been enamored with Andrew Wiggins' ability to create off the dribble, even in this atmosphere. Like Wiggins, Randle only goes to his strong hand, and will remain that way until he is shut down from that angle. Randle took Ognjen Kuzmic off the dribble with relative ease and bullied everyone else around the rim. He missed some bunnies in the restricted area but we'll attribute that to rust as he hasn't been practicing with the team due to his contract signing issues.

2. Justin Holiday once again shined on basketball's biggest summer stage. Holiday shot 9-18 (4-8 from distance) and provided intriguing length with which to stew about. Although 25 - anyone that old should dominate these types of games - Holiday is likely the closest person close to NBA impact on this team. If he can sustain this type of shooting (shot has a nice upward trajectory and Holiday lets it go at its apex making it hard to block), there might be a chance.

3. Festus Ezeli showed flashes of his defensive agility and potential the moment he stepped foot in Summer League. Another center that is fighting for the backup center spot has done the opposite. It's one thing to dominate in Summer League - a lot of people do - but if you're a player wanting substantial run at the next level, well, there's nothing Kuzmic has shown so far to assuage whatever fears you might have had. He does set Andrew Bogut-esque screens. So there's that.

4. Nemanja Nedovic and Aaron Craft are the nominal starter and backup. However, it's been one-sided with how each has played so far. While Nedovic is athletic and strong, he hasn't stayed in front of his defender or gotten to the rack effectively. Craft has parlayed his usual hounding defense with a quick off-the-dribble game, catching defenders off guard just enough to make a pocket pass to a big man or shooting a quick floater. While neither can shoot, Craft made several threes and appears to possess potential to develop one. I am not a fan of either, to be sure, but Craft has abilities that make you think he might be a serviceable backup point guard. That's good enough at this point.

5. The round robin format is over and the playoffs start on July 16, 2014. The Warriors will have no fewer than two additional games and no more than five additional contests.

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