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NBA trade rumors: Cavs willing to trade Andrew Wiggins for Kevin Love, Warriors stand firm on Klay Thompson

While the Cavs are rumored to be willing to include rookie Andrew Wiggins in a trade for Timberwolves star Kevin Love, the Warriors remain steadfast in their desire to hang on to Klay Thompson. What changed for the Cavs? LeBron James, of course.

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The Cleveland Cavaliers have reportedly decided to include Andrew Wiggins in a trade for Minnesota Timberwolves star Kevin Love, as first reported this morning by Bob Finnan of The News-Herald & Morning Journal and confirmed now by multiple others.

While there has been some debate around the blogosphere about whether trading Wiggins for Love makes sense - with credible arguments on both sides - the bottom line is that LeBron spoke and the Cavs had to listen. Also, there's this:

What does this mean for the Warriors?

For those who believed that the Golden State Warriors had any kind of leverage in this situation, that position is somewhere between difficult and impossible to take now.

All indications from both Bay Area and Minnesota media have been that the Warriors remain steadfast in their position that they want to keep Klay Thompson, which doesn't make a Love trade impossible but has to make it unlikely given there's another offer in play.

You're free to be skeptical about media reports at this time of year, but at this point we're hearing reports from three different markets and national media that pretty much tell the same story (despite a tweet to the contrary): the Cavs are at least willing to consider trading Wiggins for Love and the Warriors maintain their position of keeping Thompson.

If LeBron is indeed behind a move to get Love, then it's perfectly reasonable to assume that the Cavs would be more willing to move Wiggins. And that leaves the Warriors in a position where they either have to include Thompson to acquire Love or hope the Wolves (inexplicably) decide that getting David Lee and some combination of young players is a better deal. Or hope that Love makes good on his reported desire to test free agency anyway next year and opts out of his contract.

Good luck winning that battle.

(S/O JBreezy for posting a fanshot about this first)

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