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2014 Vegas Summer League recap: Could Nemanja Nedovic's time with the Golden State Warriors be running out?

After a rather quiet summer league performance, Nemanja Nedovic's chances to prove himself with the Golden State Warriors could be running out.

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As just about everyone noticed during the Golden State Warriors' stint in the 2014 Las Vegas Summer League, second-year guard Nemanja Nedovic didn't do much to inspire confidence in his talent.

And that might have financial consequences for Nedovic: Tim Kawakami of the San Jose Mercury News makes the case that there are multiple reasons to believe that the Warriors could decide not to pick up Nedovic's third-year option.

The decision: The Warriors have until Oct. 31 to decide whether to exercise Nedovic’s $1.15M third-year option for 2015-’16 (not for this season, but NEXT season), a paperwork deadline that only becomes tricky when the guy you drafted hasn’t looked very good for his first 13 months as an NBA player... Shaving out Nedovic’s $1.15M option might be a way to get in some advance pruning. They have to be considering this and I believe they are...And after the games and practices, my understanding is that the Warriors–and many others around the league–believe undrafted rookie Aaron Craft (yes, the guy out of Ohio State) absolutely out-played Nedovic this summer.

Signing undrafted rookie Aaron Craft could definitely be a harbinger of things to come for Nedovic: it wouldn't even make sense to pick up the third-year option when you've found an undrafted replacement. But even without signing Craft, his contract would be a salary cap hold that the Warriors could use more efficiently on someone who might actually play.

In Nedovic's defense, he has spent so much of his year with the Warriors organization dealing with injuries that a team that went through the trouble of scouting him and paying money to draft him could decide that they want to give him a longer look. But as Kawakami points out, the money and scouting time is a sunk cost: Nedovic has yet to demonstrate that he can contribute to a NBA roster.

Today's Las Vegas Summer League schedule

The Warriors' stay in Vegas ended yesterday, but they need to keep playing games to crown a new champion. Here are today's games:

Saturday July 19

Thomas & Mack

1 PM – Charlotte vs. New York (Game 61)

3 PM – Atlanta vs. Houston (Game 62)

5 PM – Sacramento vs. Chicago (Game 63)

7 PM – San Antonio vs. Washington (Game 64)

For more on the Warriors' time in Vegas, check out our 2014 Warriors Summer League section.

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