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Video: Stephen Curry lighting it up at the SF Pro Am

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Video of Steph Curry scoring 43 points - and shaking up some poor soul in the process - at the SF Pro Am last night (via Ballislife)

We interrupt your bickering about the offseason with some footage of Steph Curry destroying people at the SF Pro Am in a fashion not too dissimilar from what he did to NBA competition at times over the past few years.

Curry apparently had 43 points, countless threes, and a W, for those keeping track of that sort of thing during a summer tournament.

GSoM community member JustSomeName posted a couple of fanshots of highlights as well.

SFProAm Curry breakaway dunk and 4pt play

SFProAm Curry with the stupid jukes and 3!

Andy Liu was there as well and I'll end with his summation of events.

(s/o JustSomeName for also posting a fanshot with info about the Pro Am first)