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Where will the Golden State Warriors stand in a year from now?

Tomorrow the SB Nation-NBA network will be holding its first theme day of the 2014 NBA offseason by discussing where each team will be a year from now. We begin by asking you: where will the Golden State Warriors be a year from now?

I don't know either, Dre.
I don't know either, Dre.
Robert Hanashiro-USA TODAY Sports

We are now deep into that part of the NBA offseason where there's almost nothing going on, except for players teasing us with performances at summer pro-ams and waiting for both the Kevin Love and Donald Sterling sagas to come to an end.

If those don't satisfy your hunger for NBA basketball, the SB Nation-NBA network is starting up its rotation of theme days tomorrow with the first topic being about something that has been on our minds quite a bit throughout the Love rumors: where will each team be at this point next year?

Of course, we'll be talking about things from a Golden State Warriors perspective and Jason Conception of Grantland offered up a good starting point for discussion with a best and worst case scenario for the 2014-15 season.

The best-case scenario for the Warriors is probably something like this: Love disappoints in Ohio, adding grist to the "not a star" mill; Thompson continues to be solid on defense and finally develops the off-the-dribble creativity the team lacks when anyone but Curry handles; Kerr resumes Jackson's defensive gains while installing a more dynamic offense that manages to get something out of the team's bench; everyone stays healthy; and the Spurs' Dorian Gray portrait finally runs out of juice.

Worst-case scenario: Love is the player the numbers say he is, but now in wine and gold instead of blue and gold; Thompson either slumps or doesn't improve fast enough to wedge the Warriors' window open a few inches wider, then demands a max starting at somewhere around $15 million; Andrew Bogut's skeletal structure remains worryingly fragile and Andre Iguodala's knees begin audibly creaking; Curry tweaks his ankle; the Spurs keep doing the thing they've been doing almost 20 years; the window comes haltingly to a close; Curry flees in 2017; and Warriors fans look back at the summer of 2014 and wonder about what might have been. Yet again.

There's also a middle ground, if we want to explore every permutation: both Love and Klay Thompson disappointing for their respective teams, leaving only the Minnesota Timberwolves feeling vindicated for building for the future with cheaper talent.

I'll let you you all give your input, but begin with a few questions:

1. Will the Warriors already have Klay Thompson already locked up to a max contract at this point next year? (And should they?)

2. Will we be right back where we were this offseason with Kevin Love rumors swirling because he decides to test the free agent market after a year in Cleveland?

3. Will the Warriors be able to make a trade to unload some contracts and clear salary cap room for the future?

4. And, of course, will their 2015 NBA Playoff run leave us satisfied, dissatisfied, or flat-out angry at the team's progress?

Let us know in the comments your thoughts in the comments.

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