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Dime Magazine's Q&A with Draymond Green: His relationship with Steve Kerr and the offseason

Kris Habbas of Bright Side of the Sun did a Q&A with Draymond Green for Dime Magazine and shared some of his quotes with Golden State of Mind.

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After Kris Habbas and I discussed the value of USA Basketball camp for Harrison Barnes and Draymond Green on the BS of the Suns podcast two weeks ago, he got in touch to say that he was interviewing Green for a Dime Magazine article and asked if I had any questions.

With the help of the GSoM staff, I sent Kris a bunch of questions that he refined a bit and whittled down to a few manageable ones. The Q&A was posted at Dime Magazine today, but the questions that he got in based on our input is below.

Kris Habbas: Do you follow free agency or unplug from the game during the summer?

Draymond Green: "You take them (rumors) with a grain of salt. However, you know some of it is true and some of it is not, but if you spend your career worrying about every rumor that comes up life will pass you by. Your career will pass you by. Rumors are going to come up and that is with every player in the NBA. Some guys may sit and worry about it. I never sit and worry about it because at the end of the day most of it is out of your control."

KH: What is your relationship with Steve Kerr today?

DG: "I have had a chance to talk to him and we talk quite a bit now. When he first got the job he reached out to me like the same night or the next night and I think he reached out to everybody. That was a step in the right direction for sure and he gained a lot of guys respect by doing that. We have been in contact since. I went out to Summer League for a few days, see some of the practices, workout, and really see what is going to be going on. Coach Kerr is a great guy. He is a winner and I am trying to take some of those things out of his book and just move in the right direction."

KH: How did you learn about the Team USA Select Squad invitation?

DG: "It was amazing. I was thrilled. I actually got a call from Bob Myers our General Manager first and he sent me a text saying, ‘Give me a call I am bout to do an interview on the radio right now.' First thing I thought was, okay, I've just been traded, but I hadn't heard from my agent so I knew that hadn't happened so I wondered what was going on. Then he called me as soon as he finished the radio and said hey man you have been invited. You are on the USA Select Team. He told me it was a big deal and I should really be excited because it is a great opportunity. I was thrilled because just to be in the mix and to be mentioned with the USA Team is an honor in itself. That means you are heading in the right direction. Some of the guys that are on the roster now started off on the Select Team and our country and our league has so much talent that not everyone can make the team so just to be a part of that means a lot to me."

KH: Biggest area of your game you are working on this summer?

DG: "I want to hone in more on my three-point shot. It improved from my freshman, freshman? It improved from my rookie year to soph... Rookie to second year. I want to keep improving on that and that is one of the things I have really, really, really focused on this off-season."

KH: Shoe Game: On the court and off the court what are your favorite shoes right now?

DG: "My favorite to wear playing is still the LeBron Soldier, that shoe is extremely comfortable. My favorite shoe right now off the court is the LeBron 10... I got quite a few, but I'm going to roll with the LeBron 10."

For more on Green check out our 2013-14 season review about him.

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