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NBA trade rumor: Have the Golden State Warriors made a mistake by not doing all that they could to get Kevin Love?

With Yahoo's Adrian Wojnarowski reporting this morning that Kevin Love is headed to the Cleveland Cavaliers, Marcus Thompson of the Bay Area News Group "can’t justify passing up the opportunity for having two of the best 15 players in the NBA on your team"

"Don't worry about all those rumors, Klay - they like you. They really, really like you."
"Don't worry about all those rumors, Klay - they like you. They really, really like you."

Marcus Thompson's tweet accompanying his article about the Golden State Warriors missing out on Kevin Love pretty much sums up his commentary and resonates with some of my thoughts on this matter over time as well, which have been detailed throughout our Kevin Love storystream.

Ultimately, it's now time to move on if you hadn't already started that process weeks ago (despite the small chance that the Warriors, Minnesota Timberwolves, or Cleveland Cavaliers have a change of heart at some point before August 23, as Ken Berger of CBS Sports reported this morning). To help with the coping process - for those that are feeling a sense of loss - I offer Ronaldinho's article explaining the Warriors' reasoning at length, Evanz's article about Love's potentially minimal statistical impact on the Warriors, and TheBasslineNBA's more recent fanpost explaining why the Warriors might still be a contender even without Love.

For more on the many twists, turns, and pump fakes during this ongoing Kevin Love saga, check out our storystream.

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