Ranking the Warriors assets- Countdown to #1 (a series). Part 2: Bye bye Nemanja Nedovic (and the second cut)

Ah, the offseason, when Kevin Love and racist team owners dominate our conversations. The idea of this series is to alleviate massive amounts of boredom and to encourage some healthy Warriors-related basketball discussions by debating the merits of each one of the Warriors current assets, eliminating one asset per poll, from worst to first. Only guaranteed contracts and our 2015 first round pick are included.

Our opening round saw second year Nemanja Nedovic getting the axe, receiving 99 of 174 votes(not a bad turnout for our FanPost/.ghost town section) at the time I wrote this sentence, good for 57%.

The 6'3" 23 year old Serbian hasn't seen much good luck besides being drafted in the first round (30th overall) by the Phoenix Suns, and traded to the Golden State Warriors for (technically) Archie Goodwin and Malcolm Lee (anyone else wish we'd held onto one of those two instead?) in a flurry of trades that included Andre Roberson, cash, and the Warriors 2014 second round pick. He's missed time due to hamstring, calf, and foot injuries in his short career, appearing in just 24 games and making a 8 field goals and 7 free throws in 142 career minutes. His .306 ts% looks even worse alongside his 23.4% turnover percentage. Hailed by some analysts as the "European Derrick Rose", the closest resemblance his career has shared with the former MVP's thus far is the inability to stay healthy.

The Warriors still owe him at least 1.1 million for the upcoming 2014-15 season, but the next two seasons after that are both team options. We will find out in the next couple months if the team likes him more than GSoM does.

Other players receiving votes for LVA (least valuable asset) include Kuzmic (43 votes), Speights (16), Barbosa (6), Lee (3), 2015 first round pick (3), Rush (2), Barnes (1), and Curry (1).

Now it's time to play again. Remember to consider skill, contract, injuries, need, and anything else you find valid in your reasoning. This time, please voice the reason for your opinion in the comment thread following your vote, so that we can engage in a healthy debate, and thanks for participating.

Also, if any of the mods wants to take over the series (or add some awesome pictures to the post; I'm not very good at this), that's totally OK with me.

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