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Bob Myers signs three-year extension; in time to max Klay Thompson or something

The Golden State Warriors have re-signed Bob Myers to a three-year contract extension taking him to the end of the 2017-2018 season.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Great news! After an offseason marked by, ummm, hmmm, welllll, lots of things, Myers is apparently the man for three more years, according to Tim Kawakami of San Jose Mercury News.

Let's do a quick off-the-top review of what he has done well and not so well. Listicles time!


1. Signed Stephen Curry to an obscenely low deal, even at the time of his crippling ankle injury, which has now become the league's best contract by a thousand miles.

2. Somehow got rid of Andris Biedrins and Richard Jefferson, or well, their contracts, since their physical play wasn't possible or plausible, for All-NBA defender in Andre Iguodala.

3. Flipped Monta Ellis for Andrew Bogut, patiently waiting for the big man to get relatively healthy and handing him an extension a couple years later. I'll count this as a victory considering what the Warriors need and what Bogut has given. Despite the injuries, he's been crucial in many victories.

4. Signed Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry to short-term deals which resulted in huge on-court production - leading into the Denver Nuggets upset and a six-game loss to the San Antonio Spurs.

5. Stole Draymond Green in the second round.


1. Not really his fault but cap-strapped financial constraints forced Myers to flip much of his future assets, leaving the team without many first-round picks.

2. Signed Marreese Speights to a contract that involved money.

3. Thought Toney Douglas was a point guard.

4. Didn't give lead power to Stan Van Gundy when trying to woo him (though this is an ironic conflict of interest).

5. Refused to trade Klay Thompson for Kevin Love and will soon pay the starting shooting guard a max contract.

6. Refused to trade for Kevin Love.

7. No Kevin Love.

8. Let a huge trade exception go to waste. Though this is slightly acceptable given LeBron James' slow decision.

Despite the absurd and horrific mistake to unload Thompson, Myers has done more good than bad. Able to maneuver around big contracts and the egos of his fellow compadres, he's formed a team that competes now and is set up relatively well for the future. He makes his share of mistakes but Myers isn't horrible, even if he was this offseason. Here's to three years that marks what he was able to do in his first two.

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