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Andre Iguodala and Justin Holiday; more than just failed lob passes

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In all seriousness, Justin Holiday's rise has been excellent to watch. And Andre Iguodala is pretty awesome about helping his guys.

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

You can barely hear Andre Iguodala's voice whenever he's speaking. That pindrop you hear in the silent room? It's Iguodala's mumble during postgame pressers. It's not like he doesn't have interesting things to say, he'd just rather not throw himself out there. His actions on the floor are perpetually louder, more effective, and indicative of how he feels. All season long, Iguodala has backed Justin Holiday. After following a drama-filled summer where Iguodala caped up and down the entire West Coast for Klay Thompson, he's found his next prodigy, so to speak.

It started with this:

And he’s said it this preseason that he wants to help his friend and Warriors teammate, Klay Thompson, get paid at a time when he’s due for a contract extension.

"Hopefully he’ll continue to realize I should get like 0.1 percent (of his next contract) or something like that," Iguodala joked earlier this week…

"It’s not just Klay, but I want Steph (Curry) to maximize his career. I want him to get paid as much as possible on and off the court. Draymond Green’s in a contract year, too, so I’m going to be looking to give him a couple extra. He’s going to fill up the basket a little bit more with me on the court with him as well. It’s just about taking care of your teammates, and I learned that early on playing with (Philadelphia 76ers teammates) like Kevin Ollie, playing with guys like Aaron McKie. And then Andre Miller, he was perfect for me. He was a big reason why I got the (six-year, $80 million) deal that I got and why I played at the level I played with when I was in Philly."

Klay Thompson got his. Draymond Green is about to get his, at an astronomical rate with which we would never have guessed was possible for him. As for Justin Holiday? He just had his option picked up and will remain a Golden State Warrior for the rest of the season. And Iguodala is going to be there for the entire thing. When Holiday blew up against the Oklahoma City Thunder a couple weeks ago, Iguodala was standing around the baseline area, unable to control himself. After a particular fastbreak pull-up three Holiday drained in Kevin Durant's grill, Iguodala nearly lost his mind and sprinted on the court.

After a solid 13 minutes of run against the Miami Heat, I asked Holiday about those seemingly forced Iguodala lob passes game after game,

I just think Andre tries to look out for me a little bit. I'm like his young dude. He's always trying to get me a bucket. And Andre likes to pass. Maybe I end up in the right spot at the right time when he wants to give up the ball.

Iguodala will stop at nothing. It's happened at least four to five times in the past two weeks and it might be time to start a live counter on this thing. But on a serious note, this is Andre Iguodala at his finest. He's no longer the ball-handler of scorer he was forced to become. He's not even the defensive killer he was when he tortured NBA stars on the perimeter. But what Iguodala has become is an exquisite passer in the halfcourt (odd games lapses otherwise), still extremely active in the passing lanes as a defender, and the consummate teammate and a positive to what Thompson, Green, Harrison Barnes, and now Holiday has become.

We don't really know how good Justin Holiday will become. He can't really dribble and essentially is pigeon-holed in as a shooter when he catches the ball. Perhaps that's his niche in the league, filling in ably as the now prototypical 3-and-D wing player with obscene amounts of length and so much lift on his jumper that it's tough to affect. Iguodala might not speak much to the layman like me, but for the players that actually matter? Iguodala's actions on and off the court will always show how good of a player and person he is and has been for the Golden State Warriors.

Sooner or later, he'll connect on one of those skyscraper lobs too.