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Golden State Klay Thompsons rout Kings 126-101

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Klay Thompson scored 52 points -- 37 in the third quarter alone, one of the most unbelievable stretches of basketball you will ever see.

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I was all prepared to write a game story on how the Warriors shot out to an 18-point lead in the first quarter, then the Kings came back to tie it and ... then Klay Thompson happened.

52 points. 37 points in the third quarter alone, an NBA record. 50 through three quarters.

13-for-13, nine for nine on threes in the third quarter (and that doesn't even count the three he hit after the whistle).

It was NBA Jam personified. Klay Thompson's entire body was on FIRE.

It all started when the game was tied 58-58 with about nine minutes left in the third. Klay hit a jumper -- and it actually took three possessions for the Warriors to get it back to him, as Harrison Barnes and Stephen Curry missed shots. Then, he started to heat up.

Klay hit a three pointer from the top of the key. Swish. Then another three from the wing. Swish. Then the Warriors got a steal and Steph and Klay ran a perfect two-on-one that resulted in Klay's ONE HANDED SPIKE ALLEY-OOP DUNK!!!

Then another three where he dribbled around for a bit like Larry Bird before launching from 25 feet. Swish. Another triple where he bombed one in from about 40 feet. Swish. "That one was crazy," Klay said afterward.

Another three off a pin-down. Swish. Wait, he didn't score next possession; he posted up and found Draymond Green wide-open for a layup.

This team is something. Klay Thompson scores 19 points in a row and isn't selfish doing it -- he takes a break to find Draymond for a layup.

Anyway, the Kings finally took time-out. Didn't matter.

Klay caught the ball on the wing and hit a three. Attacked the rim and laid it home. Another three from the wing. Drifting foul line jumper. Another three from the corner. Swish. Swish. Swish. Swish. Swish.

Ty Corbin took another time-out. Again it didn't matter.

Elevator Doors for three. Swish. Then two free throws to finish an all-time performance. Swish and swish. 37 points in the third quarter alone, an NBA record, beating George Gervin and Carmelo Anthony's prior record of 33 points for a quarter.

He outscored the Kings 37-22 in the third by himself. Finished with 52 total, a career-high and NBA season-high.

The Warriors ended up winning handily as the bench did well, with Marreese Speights going for 15 in the fourth quarter, and the final score was 126-101. No need for the starters to close it out this time.

Golden State is 20-1 at home, with 18 straight wins at Oracle Arena. 21 straight wins with the quintet of Curry, Thompson, Barnes, Green, and Andrew Bogut. 27 wins by double digits. The top scoring offense and best defense in the NBA. 118 points per game for the entire month of January. Just absolutely unbelievable. This team is incredible.

Warrior Wonder: Klay Thompson

Warrior Wonder: Klay Thompson

Duh. Anyone think he is not an All-Star now?

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Last year, Stephen Curry hit a game-winner over Kris Humphries. Judging by the events of the last month, it doesn't look like Curry will need to decide the game in the last few moments again. Most likely, the Warriors will have the game decided before the fourth quarter even begins.