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Warriors vs. Jazz final score: Golden State drops a 110-100 dud in Utah

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Steph Curry's ninth 30+ point game was the lone bright spot in the Golden State Warriors' loss to the Utah Jazz.

Russ Isabella-USA TODAY Sports

It's hard to even know what to say about the Golden State Warriors' 110-100 loss to the Utah Jazz, which makes two losses in a row for the team that entered the week with the league's best record and ended it behind the Atlanta Hawks.(which means that Dwight Howard might be clairvoyant rather than simply an aversion to counting?).

Despite a 31-point performance from All-Star guard Stephen Curry, this was another bizarre and almost shockingly poor loss in which the championship-contending Warriors never even seemed to show up.

The Warriors never led, got crushed on the boards, and turned in an all-around lethargic performance against an opponent whose simple desire to knock off the league's best was apparently more motivation than anything they could muster.

This is what life's like with a target on your back: it was the dreaded "trap game" that so many of us were weary of while others of us maybe privately thought (or hoped) our beloved team was somehow above it.

It's also just the eighth loss of the Warriors' 44-game season thus far, still a franchise-best mark with 38 games left.

It's a game that I regret making the time to watch, but refuse to make too much of with another game coming tomorrow night and plenty more to play for this season while the Jazz continue their road to the lottery.

Yeah, I'm salty but it's hard to dwell on this very much.