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Video: Stuart Scott's Golden State Warriors spoken word from a year ago

Stuart Scott's tribute to the Golden State Warriors from exactly a year ago today (via gumbywithpokey).

Exactly a year ago, Stuart Scott was on the air doing a spoken word segment about the Golden State Warriors.

Today, Scott is no longer among us.

I don't think it's possible for any sports fan -- much less a basketball blogger -- to overstate his contributions to sports and culture. But ESPN colleague Jay Harris concisely articulated feelings similar to the jumbled up thoughts in my head about Scott in ESPN's extremely well-done video tribute to Scott released yesterday and I'll just leave you with that for now (and you should watch the tribute if you haven't already).

"Watching him as a black man...feeling like, 'Ok, I'm part of the conversation now' whereas before I wasn't. And that's kind of cool."

RIP Stuart Scott.

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