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Warriors news: Steph Curry's shooting prowess, Andre Iguodala 'phenomenal' in training camp

Discussing Steph and Seth Curry, win projections, and training camp battles.

Stephen Curry at Media Day 2015
Stephen Curry at Media Day 2015
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Hi everyone! I'm really excited to be writing for GSoM this year.  I've been pretty quietly lurking on the site for almost five years, and I'm looking forward to getting to know the GSoM community a little better. Here's to a great season!

Stephen Curry: MVP season statistics in review

BBALLBREAKDOWN's Danny Leroux broke down Stephen Curry's MVP season in his series of articles covering the NBA's best players.  He unloads a bunch of impressive statistics, especially those highlighting his shooting prowess, that give us some perspective on how Steph's season stands in the context of basketball history. Here are some tidbits from his article about Curry's sweet stroke.

  • [Stephen Curry] made 239 above the break three-pointers last season. The Memphis Grizzlies’ entire team made 294. In the playoffs, he made 77 above the break threes, more than 10 teams.
  • Combining his regular season and playoffs, Stephen Curry made more above the break threes than the Timberwolves and Kings in 16,000 fewer minutes.
  • He made 91.4 percent of his free throws, best in the league among qualified players. He fell only three FTM short of Blake Griffin in 90 fewer attempts.
  • Despite breaking the all-time three-point makes record in 2012-13, Curry’s three-point attempt rate (the portion of his shot attempts that come from long distance) rose each of the subsequent two seasons and has increased every season since his sophomore campaign.
  • In 2010-11, Curry made 44.2 percent of his threes, which put him third in the league behind Matt Bonner and Ray Allen. In each of the three seasons since, he led the league in three-point attempts and still made a higher percentage of them in all three seasons than in 2010-11.

Since Steph was the primary ballhandler for the Warriors, most of his threes were off-the-dribble, while guarded, and from above the break (not the corner, which is a significantly closer shot). This only makes his percentages even more unbelievable!

Seth Curry: From his brother's shadow

Fans and pundits have been comparing Seth Curry to his older sibling Steph for his entire life. Both brothers inherited a mean shooting stroke from their father Dell Curry, but have been criticized as too frail and inathletic for a NBA career.  On SBNation's main site, Jason Buckland details Seth's meandering path to the NBA: like Steph, he didn't receive scholarships from top programs, though he eventually transferred to Duke.  All 30 teams passed on him in the 2013 Draft due to a disappointing senior season hampered by injuries. After two years of shuttling in and out of the D-League, Seth finally secured a two-year guaranteed deal with the Kings this summer after a standout Summer League performance. We wish him, but not the Kings, the best of luck.

Win Projections: Cool statistics that few of us understand

Andrew Johnson of Nylon Calculus released his Win Projectionss yesterday, using a combination of models such as RAPM and PT-PM while accounting for player movement and team fit. He predicts the Warriors will win 66 games this year, one less than last year, with only two other teams, the San Antonio Spurs and Cleveland Cavaliers, winning more than 53 games.  The Western Conference should be as competitive as ever, with six teams projected to win 50 or more games.  Other notable placings include the L.A. Lakers as the worst in the entire league, and the Boston Celtics as third in the East, winning (only!) 49 games.

Training Camp: Progress Report

The Warriors finished their second day of training camp yesterday.  Afterwards, Steve Kerr offered us a bit of insight into the players' performances.

"I think Andre (Iguodala) has been phenomenal. He’s always been a great player, but I think he’s so in tune with what we’re trying to accomplish and he’s so smart. He played really well.  Bogut looks good. Ian Clark has played well for a couple of days in a row. Klay (Thompson) has been fantastic. We’ve had a lot of guys who have played well."

- Steve Kerr

Andre received injections in Germany this summer to alleviate knee soreness, so it's good to be know he's feeling healthy. Kerr also mentioned that Harrison Barnes, James McAdoo, Jason Thompson, and Marreese Speights are all competing for backup power forward minutes.  In other news, Leandro Barbosa resolved his visa issues and is currently on his way back from Brazil.

Any other topics I didn't cover? Discuss it in the comments! Remember, the first preseason game is on Monday! Warriors basketball is almost back.

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