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Andrew Bogut's Twitter account is the best thing on the internet

What's that, you say? Andrew Bogut is tweeting about Instagram models and innovative pig roasting techniques?

Jaime Valdez-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bogut is a fan of jokes. He is a fan of humor. When something humorous happens, I bet he takes a step back and declares, "Oh well, that was a funny thing indeed!" While giving a two thumbs up. He is also not afraid to give parenting advice. Not afraid to shine a light on the important issues that plague our society:

Now, really, what is an Instagram model?

In the wise words of DIY LOL (which I assume stands for "do it yourself laugh out loud," which, really, what? Do it yourself laugh out loud makes no sense. That is like saying, "Ikea instruction manual rolling on the floor laughing my ass off," otherwise shortened as IIMROTFLMAO.):


Anyways, ahem, back to the story at hand.

Bogut continued, saying:

Instagram models, selfies. Hell fire and brimstones and such.

Recently, various media establishments (aka Jon Bois) have stood up for the right of the selfie. Saying that selfie takers are not, in fact, harbingers of the apocalypse. Which I naturally assumed they were. Andrew Bogut is also not all about that #SelfieLyfe. And neither is Cate Blanchett. Who, for the record, is Australian as well.

Which, in case you were wondering, is in response to this.

But beyond administering practical parenting advice (don't have an Instagram daughter), and shining a light on the various neurotic tendencies of our culture (definitely don't have an Instagram daughter who takes selfies and then posts said selfies on Instagram), Bogut is also a connoisseur of the sublime:

Good God whoever thought of that needs the Nobel Peace Prize ASAP STAT #IIMROTFLMAO!!!

Thanks Bogut. Keep being you, man. Keep being you.

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