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Join Golden State of Mind in Sacramento for the Warriors vs. Kings game on January 9

Golden State of Mind will be at Sleep Train Arena on Saturday, January 9 for the Warriors' game against the Kings at 7 p.m. and we're offering tickets at a discounted rate of $49.

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The Golden State Warriors can't exactly be said to have a rivalry with the Sacramento Kings as they've pretty much never been good at the same time.

However, from the additions of Marco Belinelli and Seth Curry to the hiring of George Karl (and his beef with "The Mole") to the ownership tenure of Vivek Ranadive in Sacramento and Jason Thompson being on the Warriors, there are a number of fun connections between the two teams that make this about as close to having the conditions for a rivalry as it ever has. And Jason Thompson has already sort of offered some fuel if a fire ever develops there.

So what better time for Golden State of Mind to invade Sleep Train Arena for a night than this season?

If that sounds a bit troll-ish given the present state of the two franchises, don't blame us: earlier this year, the Sacramento Kings got in touch about organizing a group event for Golden State Warriors fans in Sacramento. Since we had already planned to have GSoM Night on November 2 at Oracle Arena, we chose the Warriors' game against the Kings on Saturday, January 9 at 7 p.m. PST for our first-ever group event at Sleep Train Arena. Now that we're just about sold out of GSoM Night tickets, you can still have a second chance to hang out with the community members you enjoy on a Saturday night in January.

We have reserved a block of 60 upper level tickets for a discounted rate of $49 apiece. As this is our first time working closely with the Kings, we don't have a direct payment link for this event like the one the Warriors usually set up for us for GSoM Night — for this Kings event, I'll arrange payments with you individually with the help of our Kings rep and you'll pick the tickets up the tickets on the night of the game.

So how do you reserve your tickets? Just fill out this form and I'll get in touch about how you can best transfer us the money to give to the Kings (I have to keep track of how many tickets we sell so we don't over-sell).

And if we put enough pressure on Tony.psd, we can even get some special shirts for this event!

I'm considering this a trial run with the Kings and if there's enough interest, we'll definitely try to do this again and do it bigger next year. We only have a block of 50 tickets left so be sure to get your tickets ASAP — this will be a great chance to hang out with some of the folks here at GSoM, especially if you've never been able to make it out to Oracle Arena for GSoM Night. I'll continue to accept payments until we run out of tickets.

But in the unfortunate event that you can attend neither GSoM Night on November 2nd nor our invasion of Sacramento on January 9th, GSoM community member JR Repertoire is also organizing an event for the Warriors' trip to Sacramento on November 7 (click here for details).

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions and I hope to see you all there — even Reggie Miller is excited about the Kings this year so why shouldn't you be?!?

Click here to reserve your tickets with us today!

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