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Warriors vs. Nuggets recap: Golden State loses 114-103, Barnes sprains his knee

After a couple of preseason away games, Golden State are finally back on their home turf playing the Denver Nuggets.

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With their first appearance back in the infamous "Roaracle" arena, the Golden State Warriors definitely played with more energy against the Denver Nuggets than their last away game.

In the end, the Warriors lost 114-103, Harrison Barnes went out in the second quarter with a bad knee sprain, and the Dubs will need to change their game play up in order to get that W next time.

Interim head coach Luke Walton had a lot to say before the game, including that the final roster spot is more based on performance in practice and not so much their play in games after sitting so long.

1st quarter:

In the first five minutes of the game, Curry had nine points after being fouled on a three point attempt. After Curry made two  out of three shots, Golden State led 6-2 with 7 minutes left in the the quarter.

Curry started the game with high intensity-and his "Steph Gonna Steph" moment of the game was nine minutes into the first quarter.

Only Steph knows what this is right here, and with 2:55 left in the first quarter, Curry has 11 points.

The ball movement in addition to their timing with their passes in this quarter is what got the Warriors 35 points in the first quarter.

James McAdoo was put in this quarter while the Warriors were ahead, and he kept the ball for a good chunk of time- making the Nuggets sweat and taking time off their shot clock. With it only being the first quarter, it seemed like Luke Walton was making use of McAdoo's diversity as a player.

With a very high scoring first quarter, it ended up at 35-31 with Golden State ahead.

2nd quarter:

At the start of the second quarter, McAdooLivingston, and Barbosa came out and started the quarter off right, and they all worked well together.

With seven minutes left in the quarter, Andre Iguodala had two dunks, creating more intensity for Golden State to feed off of before halftime.

By the middle of the second quarter, everyone on the Warriors was doing well getting up to the basket and shooting fouls. However, they then began to fall behind and the nuggets were up with a 14-2 run. 

At the end of the quarter, the Nuggets took the lead with 63-59, shooting 50% from beyond the arc.

3rd quarter:

Andre Iguodala started in place of Harrison Barnes this quarter, who was reported as having a right knee sprain.

After the Nuggets had already scored the first five points of the quarter, Draymond Green had a spectacular drunk.

After a time-out called by Nuggets head coach Mike Malone, Denver went on a 18-7 run.

4th quarter:

Being a preseason game, it was clear Walton had no desire to bring any of the starters back on the court. In an attempt to evaluate the training camp invitees, Ian Clark and Jason Thompson checked in with nine minutes to go and the Warriors down 13, 83-96.

Overall, the Warriors were shooting 40% by the middle of the fourth quarter.

The Nuggets won by the final score of 114-103.

Warriors Leading Scorers:

Barbosa- 16 points

Green- 15 points

Curry- 14 points

Speights- 11 points

Iguodala- 10 points

K. Thompson- 8 points

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