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Andrew Bogut injury: Updates on Warriors' center leaving Rockets game with broken nose

In the second game in three days for the Warriors tonight, there were consecutive injuries to starting players.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Time to start sifting through Kirk Lacob's old comic books stored away in Oracle's basement, looking for remnants of that Indian burial ground that the Golden State Warriors undoubtedly built their facilities on. Or maybe, since this is Andrew Bogut, it's just one of those poltergeists that follows the person around, and isn't necessarily tied to any specific space.

Here's the skinny: Andrew Bogut was injured in his first 16 minutes of playing time tonight in what turned out to be a winning effort against the Houston Rockets. The diagnosis: bad luck broken nose.


KNBR reports that this is Bogut's third official broken nose of his career; this last one coming courtesy of K.J. McDaniels.

Hang right here for future updates on Bogut as they break. Per Ethan Sherwood Strauss, interim head coach Luke Walton reports that the Warriors medical staff will be looking further into the injury tomorrow. At this point it's unknown if this will cost Bogut time on the court (I doubt it). Quite an inauspicious preseason so far on the injury front, regardless.

While we wait for more news, I propose a group therapy session for our collective catharsis: half of us will go angrily shake our fists at the basketball gods, while the other half ruefully write acerbic comments about the Gambler's Fallacy in relation to injury probabilities.


According to CSN's Monte Poole, it appears Bogut will at the very least miss next Saturday's game.

At least the big man still has a sense of humor about the whole thing:

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