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Tutorial: How to import your favorite team's schedule into your calendar

In case you were worried, or in case you were wondering, I'm ready for the regular season to start.

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Are you ready for the regular season? Are you tired of this preseason nonsense? Tired of playing a Rockets team that sat Dwight Howard, James Harden, and Ty Lawson?

Last year, especially after I'd been hired by GSoM, I went though every game of the season and added it to my personal calendar by hand. All 82 of 'em. I put in start time (EST for me), location, and whether or not it was a national game (as it would be blacked out on my league pass).

Having done all that let me tell you: Shit. That was tedious.

So, new plan this year. A quick #ProTip as it were, even if I just figured this out for myself. And I'm a pro, right? Right.

Okay, here is how you automatically add the Warriors' upcoming regular season schedule to your Google calendar.

(I apologize in advance if you don't use Google calendar)

Step 1: Use Google calendar

This is the easiest step, especially if you already use it.

Step 2: Open up your calendar!

This is best done on a desktop, or laptop, or whatever. I'm sure you could do this on your phone as well but I'm too lazy to check and so for the purpose of this "tutorial" I'm just gonna pretend that phones don't exist at all.

Step 3: Look down and to the left!

This should make sense already, but if you need clarity: Turn your head the opposite of "to the right" and gaze somewhere downwards at a 45 degree angle.

Step 4: Whoa, look at that!

Hey now! Hot dog, what did we find?! There are other calendars????!!!!?!?!?!!!?!?

Step 5: There is a tiny box with a downwards facing arrow. Click it.

Again, what more can I say?

Step 6: Click the selection that says "Browse Interesting Calendars"

I would make a snippet picture of this, but every time I click on the snippet tool, the calendar pop up menu disappears and I don't really understand computers well enough to rectify this so we'll just move right along.

Step 7: Click "Sports"

Because, hell, we all like "Sports," right? I mean, that's why we are all here. Unless you are here for Frosted Flakes and mermaid tails, in which case, boy howdy you need some help.

Step 7: Click Basketball, or, don't. The choice is yours.

I mean, you could click rugby. Or cricket, I suppose. But again, why are you reading this if that's what you fancy? We're talking about the Warriors, dammit.

Step, uhh, where are we? Right. Step 8: Choose the NBA.

You get to choose the NBA, the NBA can't choose you. As crazy as that might sound, it's the truth.

Step 9: Oh shit, them's the Dubs!

You're almost there. Last thing, almost, that you do is choose the Warriors. Because, duh, they are awesome and you wanted to import their schedule into your calendar. Otherwise, again, why are you reading this?

Step 10: And by "click the Warriors" I mean, obviously, click "Subscribe"

You'll notice in this picture that it says "Unsubscribe." This is because I've already gone through this process otherwise I wouldn't be writing about it, would I?

And voila! Step 11: That shit will show up automatic-like in your calendar.

Crisis averted!

Yay Basketball.

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