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Warriors vs. Lakers: Golden State loses by 15, game is called off early

Warriors and Lakers both play the best they can under the dangerous court conditions they are forced to deal with.

Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Golden State Warriors interim coach Luke Walton had a look of fear on this face as the second quarter began.

He made a case that the court was too slippery for his team to play on. Both teams headed to the bench to discuss. While it seemed like everyone mutually decided to continue the game, the Warriors and Lakers slowly started to take their key players to the bench to avoid injury.

Ultimately, with the danger of condensation in the arena, both the coaches for Golden State and the Lakers mutually decided to call the game off early -- one of the most important things about pre season is keeping the players healthy and injury-free.

The score with 2 minutes left in the 3rd quarter, which ended up being the final, was 70-85 Lakers.

1st quarter:

Starters for Warriors:

Point guard: Stephen Curry

Shooting guard: Ian Clark

Small forward: Brandon Rush

Power forward: Draymond Green

Center: Festus Ezeli

Starters for the Lakers:

Point guard: Jordan Clarkson

Shooting guard: Nick Young

Small forward: Anthony Brown

Power forward: Julius Randle

Center:Roy Hibbert

The Los Angeles Lakers started the sixth game of the preseason with quick ball movement, taking the lead right away. It didn't take long for the Golden State Warriors to catch up, and with 9:50 left in the first quarter it was 7-2 Lakers.

Two minutes later, the Warriors take the lead after finding their rhythm. With 3:05 left in the first quarter, Stephen Curry seemed to find his rhythm as well-making his 3rd 3 pointer.

By the end of the quarter it was a Curry takeover, even after a mistake he could follow through with a 3.

End of 1st quarter scoring:

Curry- 9

Clark- 6

Rush - 5

Speights- 4

Green -2

Barbosa -2

2nd Quarter:

McAddo scored on a breakaway lay-up with 9:00 left in the second quarter, and soon after he earns a couple free throws.

With a few minutes left in the quarter, the Lakers were on on a run and up 58-51. At Halftime, the Warriors have 53 and Lakers have 62.

3rd quarter:

Festus Ezeli starts the second half with intensity, making the hook shot with swagger.

With 5:00 to go left in the quarter, no first string is seen on the court but Walton seems to be alternating who is in the game.

Jason Thompson has 10 rebounds for Golden State at the middle of the 3rd quarter.

With time winding down before the final stretch, the Warriors are down by 12.

2 minutes were left in the 3rd quarter when Barbosa slipped. Walton and Byron Scott met in the middle of the court, discussed the dangerous court conditions and mutually decided to end the preseason game early.

Warriors scorers:



Clark- 8

Rush- 7

McAdoo- 7

Speights- 6

Igoudala- 6

J Thompson- 3

Green- 2

Barbosa- 2

Warriors will play the Clippers at the Staples Center on October 20th.

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