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Warriors vs. Lakers preseason game called early; Ezeli gets humbled by a rookie

In a strange game where players were slipping and sliding all over the court, Festus Ezeli was involved in the standout play of the night.

The biggest, most fortunate thing that I took away from last night's sloppy, slippery, foolish preseason game was THANK GOD NO ONE GOT HURT!

Whew. Man, imagine if Stephen Curry had rolled an ankle driving through the lane. Or if Draymond Green had gone up for a rebound, lost his footing, and torn his hamstring or something? Christ. I was watching the game with my heart in my mouth, just waiting for something horrible to happen.

The game was played at the Valley View Casino Center, which typically hosts the San Diego Gulls, an AHL ice hockey team affiliated with the NHL's Anaheim Ducks, and moisture spots from ice beneath the hardwood kept causing players to lose their footing.

On one memorable occasion, Steph came down the court, fell to the ground when his leg kicked out from under him, but then recovered (while keeping his dribble), somehow crossed over his defender, and buried the three.

He is, as always, amazing.

One more look, because, dang. Steph will be Steph, even if the stupid minor league hockey team's court is a giant slip-and-slide.

As great as Curry's falling-over-three-pointer seemed at the time, it was soon surpassed by another, more spectacular play.

From a rookie, no less.

The dunk is a work of art to be sculpted in the mountains east of LA but THE SHRUG??! WHOA. whoa. just...whoa.

I know we should not praise the Lakers, because I get it, f--k the Lakers, but c'mon.


That was filthy.

Not too long afterwards, Leandro Barbosa had another scary slip on the floor. The officials quickly blew the whistle and called time. Luke Walton and Byron Scott met at mid-court, conferred for a few seconds, shook hands, and the game was called.

Those of us watching were not surprised:


One more time, just because:

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