Will Kerr's back problems break the Warriors' backs?

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

When I see breaking news, I don't want to see news about any Warriors breaking their backs. Hyperbole, to be sure. But that is my specialty.

I am deeply concerned about Kerr's indefinite leave of absence. But maybe I should not worry about it. Walton and others will simply have to step up. And I am comforted by the fact that Nash was brought in to help deal with this problem. My sources (which I will disclose at the end of this FanPost) have assured me that Nash was brought in to basically coach the Warriors until Kerr returns. This all makes sense to me now.

My sources? Well, I just got back from Anaheim in Southern California and spoke to my source. He has never been wrong. We can all trust him. Micky Mouse has never lied to me. :)

On a more serious note, let's vote!

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