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The Golden State Warriors get blown out again; unacceptably on pace for 0 regular season wins

The Golden State Warriors played like the Santa Cruz Warriors.

Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports

There is no truer moment in Golden State Warriors fandom than the panic that sets in when the NBA defending champions are in the midst of a blowout at the hands of hated rivals Los Angeles Clippers. As Paul Pierce sank a three, Austin Rivers threw down a dunk, and Blake Griffin clowned the rest of the team off the floor, the seeds of doubt crept in ever so slowly. I realize only a subset of fans even care or watched game itself but there are a presentable amount of issues that ostensibly require shoring up before the regular season opener a week from tonight.

Then I saw this tweet.

As if I had to throw together 500 words on why none of this even matters, there's a whole historical measurement of almost zero, in fact, a negative correlation on how much the preseason affects the record of a 60+ win team.

Phew, now that we've wiped that mess off on backs, let's move on to something resembling importance from this game, and the entire preseason.

1. Every single Warrior needs a haircut and they are apparently refusing to get one until there's a 10-game losing streak. James Michael McAdoo looks like a college freshman. Klay Thompson is homeless. I am not even sure what Dad Hair Stephen Curry is going for but man, it's hilarious.

2. Harry B (nickname courtesy of friend of the blog, Saam Esfandiari) might need to stop thinking on the court about that contract extension and stick to overthinking about dribbling and one-dribble pull-up midrange jumpers. Things are not boding well for the guy who wants a max contract extension.

3. There is one more preseason game left. What a complete waste of time the preseason is. As if 82 regular season games isn't enough through all the injuries and resting, the NBA forces these guys to goof around for a couple more. The reasons are obvious but in a perfect world, yeah, that's not happening.

4. On last count before I tuned out watching the Hotling Bling video on repeat, there were about 5 whistles per second, or per touch by either opposing player. The referees decided to suddenly take this meaningless preseason game seriously and dragged the entire thing out absurdly long. Most importantly, this appears to be a foreshadowing for what appears to be a highly entertaining and painful season series between two teams that hate one another. Throw Lance Stephenson and Paul Pierce into the mix of Draymond Green and Andrew Bogut? There can only be a literal bloodbath.

We are now six days away after the game tonight from the regular season opener. Soon.

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