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Ranking the Warriors' assets, Part 9: How to win friends and influence people

The mighty Golden State of Mind community has spoken. Here we will take a deeper look at starting small forward Harrison Barnes, and once again rank the value of the team's assets by voting, from worst to first, until only the best remains.

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OK, so we're doing this thing where we rank the assets, but we're doing it "Survivor" style, eliminating one player per poll, until we've decided who is the most valuable to the Warriors in 2016 and beyond. Once a player is eliminated, they shouldn't be counted as a reason to choose the next player. Whether or not Jason Thompson's presence lessens the value of Festus Ezeli in real life shouldn't be taken into account once Jason Thompson has been voted out in this little game.

In 1936, a man named Dale Carnegie wrote a remarkable book called "How to Win Friends and Influence People". The book is a self help manifesto, selling over 15 million copies and credited by thousands of success stories. Johnny Cash graduated from a Carnegie course. So did Lyndon B. Johnson. Chuck Norris and Charles Manson are both graduates, and so is Warren Buffett, who first discovered the book when he was a 15 year old high school student having a hard time fitting in. At 20, Buffett took Carnegie's course on the subject, and still hangs the diploma he received on his office wall.

One of the keys in the book is the power of yes.


Three little letters that make the most eagerly anticipated word in the English language, yes is the answer we're all looking for. Yes means affirmative. Yes is an agreement. Yes is the climax of discussion.

According to the Carnegie's iconic book, one of the Twelve ways to win people to your way of thinking is to ask questions that will be answered with yes. It creates agreement, unity... a positive bond between the participants.
Work hard?
Yes, I will. I'll also be the only guy on the roster to play every single night, and I'll be fourth in minutes played.
Yes, I will. I'll significantly improve my efficiency and rebounding, and adequately guard three positions.
Play a tertiary role?
Yes, I will. I will shoot less than everyone except Bogut, Andre, Kuzmic, and Rush.
Help the team win?
Yes, I will. Does 83 wins and a championship count?
Be a model citizen?
Yes I will. I was actually thinking of taking on "the Model Citizen" as my nickname.
Those are the kind of answers that make you a popular guy! The coach, the front office, your teammates and the fans like hearing all of that agreement. You get called names like "the Senator" when you're making friends at that rate. In Bram's season review, over 98% of participants graded the season as satisfactory or better for Harrison Barnes.
The numbers are modest, but promising. 12.8 points, 7 rebounds (per 36) on .573 TS% looks pretty good. The 0.55 RPM ranks Barnes squarely between Ronnie Price and J.R. Smith, but after the debacle of Barnes' sophomore season, posting a positive RPM on a championship squad is a notable improvement.
The Senator, Harrison "Model Citizen" Barnes, is winning friends and influencing people.
Monte Poole says Barnes could command a deal "north of $10 million per season". In the article, Warriors GM Bob Myers calls the deals for Festus Ezeli and Barnes "the most important" decisions that he faces going into the season. North of  $10 million? Myers offered 16 million.


A simple word that means the same thing in two languages, "no" is quite simply the opposite of "yes". Disagreement. Negative. A divide between participants.
A word that Warriors fans hadn't heard from Harrison Barnes before. They didn't like it.
According to our most recent poll, 47% of GSoM participants have selected Harrison Barnes as our next "least valuable asset". The fourth most-played player on an all time top 5 team, and fans have decided that he's the next to go. Seeing how his popularity in the polls shifted from pre-offer to the "no", I can't help but think that Barnes' contract negotiations have a lot to do with the poll results.
That means our asset list looks like this:

16) Chris Babb (41%)

15) Brandon Rush (68%)

14) Ian Clark (68%)

13) Jason Thompson (34%)

12) Leandro Barbosa (36%)

11) James Michael McAdoo (41%)

10) Marreese Speights (35%)

9) Harrison Barnes (47%... curiously, Barnes also ranked #9 in last season's poll)

On to the next selection!

So, we're in the top eight now, for a squad that should contend for a championship. If you had to lose one of the remaining players forever, which one would it be? Hit the poll and tell us why in the comments!

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