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Today is "Back to the Future" day (Warriors edition)!

So, in celebration, we are sharing this frickin awesome graphic that tony.psd made.


Today is finally the day! After years and years of fake photoshops declaring such and such a day to be Back to the Future day, we've finally ACTUALLY ARRIVED. October 21, 2015!

In celebration, check out this crazy graphic done up by the one and only tony.psd:

How awesome is that??? Webber and Nellie? Hell yeah.

Nellie is the closest real life thing to Doc we've ever seen. Well, other than Christopher Lloyd himself. I mean, that's just how he was, right?

2015 sure isn't what we thought it'd be, huh? Hoverboards? Nope. Dang.

Also, if you feel like getting a little sad, but also chuckling in a sardonic sorta way, watch this:

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