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Warriors vs. Lakers final score: Golden State crushes L.A. in preseason finale

Golden State steps their game up this time around, dominating the Lakers in preparation for the regular season.

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Warriors took on the Lakers for the second time during this preseason tonight, winning 136-97.

Right of the bat, Curry was ready to finish this game with a W against the Lakers, after the last game was called off due to condensation.

He must have done something right during his warm up, because within the first five minutes Curry had eight out of 10 points and had already made two back to back three pointers.

Golden State leads, 18-10, halfway through the first quarter. Julius Randle of the Lakers leads LA with five points, while Roy Hibbert has five rebounds.

Byron Scott put the bench in with about five minutes left in the quarter.

The Warriors spent the first quarter focusing on bushing the ball up court, and with six three-pointers in nine minutes, the Warriors are looking like the NBA champs that they are.

With the preseason coming to an end, the Warriors seemed to be treating this game like a regular season game- dominating the first quarter.

As we head into the second quarter up 39-29, Golden State is shooting over 60% and on fire.

With 9:00 left in the second quarter, Curry leads with 11 points, Barnes has 10 points, Klay has seven points, and Dray has four.

three pointers are being hit left and right this quarter, with five minutes left in the second quarter, Festus hits one and McAdoo slams it in.

At the end of the second quarter, Golden State is shooting 64% from the field, 69% from behind the three pointer.

We head to halftime still dominating the court, 72-50.

Klay Thompson proves right away in the 3rd quarter that halftime didn't settle the Warriors down- they came to win and that's what they're going to do.

Dub Nation continues the 3rd quarter with the lead. Thompson has 24 points, Curry has 19 points, and Barnes has 18 points.

By the end of the third quarter, Barnes, Curry and Thompson have completely taken over the court.
The fourth quarter is just garbage time and Walton begins to put his 3rd and 4th string in. With five minutes left in the game, Golden State is up 123-87.

It seemed that in this game, Golden State was trying to establish their roster rotation more since the starters got more playing time.

This win will give Warriors the morale boost they need to thrive through their regular season.

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The Warriors will open regular season play on Tuesday against the New Orleans Pelicans.

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