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San Francisco 49ers fans: The Golden State Warriors have you covered!!

Has the decline of the San Francisco 49ers got the Bay Area fans down? It's OK! Start telling yourself, "At Least we got the Warriors"!

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Oh, hey Niners fan! I see you have wandered over to Golden State of Mind to finally check out the Warriors after another lifeless defeat last night.

You say you have given up on football for the rest of the season? That's ok! The 2015/2016 NBA season is about to start, and Golden State has you covered as your new favorite team.

I know, the season has been rough, and paired with a troubled offseason, countless turnover on the roster, and a front office nightmare it looks like this might be the start of a long drought for SF football. But have no fear. Did you know the Warriors were just named one of the top franchises looking toward the future by ESPN? You not only can hop on the bandwagon now, but you can ride it for years to come. So hop along, and enjoy the show.

Your best player letting you down?

Colin Kaepernick has arguably taken one of the largest falls from grace over the last two years, leading many to question his mental makeup and now even calling for his release, CK7 might be coming to the end of his tenure in SF. You purchased his jersey? Well, it looked promising at the time, and who saw it coming?

Fear not! The Warriors have the reigning MVP! Steph Curry is your new hero. Go ahead: instead of watching highlights of last night's game, go watch highlights from his MVP season or even from the playoffs. It will remind you what a true leader looks like, and not one who is losing the faith of his franchise. Plus, lets be honest: Curry's commercials are better than Colin's.

You can't recognize your roster anymore?

Niners fans end up playing the "who is that guy?" game weekly, as rookies and fill-ins have taken over for franchise cornerstones after the huge amount of turnover in the offseason. Players like Patrick Willis and Justin Smith have chosen the couch over rebuilding for their own reasons, but have now left the young guys to try to run the show. Even guys like Frank Gore ended up in other jerseys, which is hard to stomach.

Don't worry! The Warriors return their roster core (minus David Lee) to the floor to help defend their title. Continuity is key to each franchise, and familiarity and teamwork have been the Warrior's calling card over the last few seasons. Solid additions and veteran talent have brought a smart savvy version of basketball that usually outclasses other young teams. Remember a few years back when vets wanted to play with the Niners to get a ring for themselves? That's where we are now. And it's a great place to be.

Your front office is a mess?

Fans are calling for the heads of the guys running the show in San Francisco. They are re-writing Jed York's wikipedia page and signing petitions against the front office to stop defacing their favorite franchise. Even the head coach is losing respect daily by the media and the fans (poor Tomsula never stood a chance). The owners can't even give away free tickets at this point.

It's ok! The Warriors have one of the best front offices in the league (it's true! Look at how far we have come!). The Lacob/Myers regime so far has been all success, including the choice to put runner-up-Coach of the Year Steve Kerr at the helm. Remember when everyone was turning down the Niners head coach job after Harbaugh? Yea, we don't have that issue. The front office continues to pay their players to stick around (see: Draymond Green and Klay Thompson), keeps making great moves (see: David Lee for salary cap relief) and drafts future talent (get well soon Kevon Looney). It seems like yesterday we were booing our ex-owner Chris Cohan out of the building. We know your pain.

You hate your new stadium?

Yea, the new Santa Clara facility has been far from a success. The turf keeps falling apart, and fans are realizing the new home does not have the same life or energy as Candlestick. Who all thought we would miss the old dump? It was OUR dump! It was ugly, it was beat up, but it had character.

We got this! The Warriors play in the best arenas in the league, and some would say it's not even close. Even in bad years the Warriors and their fans have turned out in masses to watch and cheer for the home team. Many feel like the home field advantage for the Niners is gone - take a look at one of the last great Candlestick memoriesLook familiar Warriors fans? The Warriors are finalizing plans for their new San Francisco-based arena as we speak, and the talk is already heavy that we will lose the same advantage that the Niners just lost in a new 'stale' atmosphere. But that's years away! By then, the Niners could return to greatness and you will have already forgotten about basketball againl. For now, the hometown faithful makes local games even more amazing to watch. So soak it up.

Listen Niners Faithful, things are looking bleak. But as we all know, things go through cycles in sports, and we are painfully witnessing the decline of a great franchise after a great multi-season run. The Warriors went 13 seasons between 1993/1994 and 2006/2007 between even making the playoffs. Then, we waited 5 MORE seasons while we watched the franchise take apart a great playoff team in We Believe. How many times did the Niners win Super Bowls in that time? How many times did they succeed, fail, then succeed again?

Trust me, we know your pain. And you know what? We are proof things get better.

Sometimes all it takes is one draft pick to turn things around. So, while your team is dragging itself through a lost season, now already looking at draft picks, you can start to turn on one of the most exciting teams in the league ( and watch them fight their way against some of their toughest competition yet toward a possible repeat title. Plus, think of the bright side: our games happen more often than once a week, and our tickets are (currently) cheaper than going to a football game! How could you go wrong! Buckle up for the season to come, put away that football jersey and fit yourself for a "The City" throwback.

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