Will the Warriors start off 0-5?

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Hell Nahhhhhh!

That was my first reaction when a good of friend (a fan of the LA Lakers since he could shoot a basketball) asked me that question. (actually my first reaction was, "Will the Lakers finish 0-82?") ;). Or course, after dismissing his initial question, I had to look at our schedule and see who our first five opponents would be.

Tuesday, October 27

New Orleans @ Golden State (Opening Night- Ring Ceremony)

There is only one bro(w) that will scare me in Oakland on opening night and that unibrow is Anthony Davis. After being swept by the Warriors last year in his first playoff appearance, Davis will look to seek vengeance for Mo Bucket's greatest assist ever. Davis averaged a decent 31.5 PPG, 11 REB, 2 AST, 3 BLK and 1.3 STL in that series.

Prediction: Warriors lose (0-1)

  • Warriors come out flat due to excitement of opening night and the ring ceremony
  • Alvin Gentry acts like he was an assistant coach for the Dubs last season and coaches his team accordingly
  • Anthony Davis hits a couple 3's. Oh yeah, he's shooting 3's now

Friday, October 30

Golden State @ Houston (Return to Houson- Instaboner still M.I.A)

No doubts, the Rockets( and their super friendly blog) want to set the tone for the season and show what they can do with added depth and a healthier squad. Will we see Curry punk Dwight Howard or will Harden show why he was runner up to Curry for MVP? ;)

Prediction: Warriors lose (0-2)

  • Harden and Curry put on a show but Curry is the only one for the Dubs to play well
  • Physical game resulting in 6 technicals
  • Ty Lawson gets a tad bit too drunk at halftime and forced to sit out entire second half
Saturday, October 31

Golden State @ New Orleans(Back to Back- Halloween)

Stephen Curry dresses up as Superman but doesn't have to dress up because he actually is Superman. Warriors look to bounce back after starting the season 0-2 and face Anthony Davis once again. Coach Gentry buys beignets for everyone on the Warriors team/staff except for Luke Walton.

Prediction: Warriors win (1-2)

  • Bogut takes offense to his bad defense on Anthony Davis opening night and holds him to only 26 points and 14 rebounds
  • The Warriors play like they won 67 games last season
  • Curry hits 8 3's and passes out 12 candy-coated assists like it's Halloween
Monday, November 2

Memphis @ Golden State (Walking in Memphis Oakland)

Dear Zach Randolph, please do not contest any dunks by Brandon Rush. Another team that experienced some injuries against the Warriors will be looking to prove that when healthy, things will be different. Will Bogut be guarding Tony Allen this time around? We'll see, but hopefully Steph swishes another 75 footer again.

Prediction: Warriors win (2-2)

Wednesday, November 4

Los Angeles(Clippers) Vs Golden State (Who is the best team NBA team in California?)

I can't think of a team I dislike more than the Clippers. When Shaun Livingston calls you out *cough Blake Griffin cough* in preseason, you know you're being too reckless. Then again, Shaun has been guilty of that in the past ;). I look forward to watching Steph break the ankles of CP3, the battle between Draymond and Blake and what has become a sincere rivalry between two teams who can't stand each other.

Prediction: Warriors win (3-2)
  • Austin Rivers sucks
  • A season worth of flops will take place between Chris Paul and Blake Griffin in just one game
  • The Warriors embarrass the Clippers by double digits and Roarcle chants "Cool Story Glenn" for the nonsense he said about us being lucky recently
It would be silly to gauge where the Warriors are in the first five games of season, but it will be interesting to see how they play against the three teams they eliminated from the playoffs last year and their rival. One thing is for sure though, it is fun to talk about the upcoming season with Laker fans nowadays. Boy, have the times changed! Go Dubs!

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