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Warriors at Rockets gamethread: Golden State tries to pick up from where they left off last season

Tonight at 6:30 p.m. PST in Houston, the Warriors will face the Rockets, who are one of those pretenders to the crown.

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Here are some cool facts about recent meetings between the Golden State Warriors and L.A. Clippers from the Warriors:

  • Including the postseason, the Warriors have won eight of their last nine games against Houston.
  • The Dubs' current five-game regular season winning streak against the Rockets is the club's longest since winning eight straight vs. Houston from 1972 to 1974.

I fully expect that to continue tonight.

But let me be clear on something: I don't think the Warriors are invincible. I also just don't think the Houston Rockets are a major threat, albeit an intriguing one given their changes, compared to others in the West. And I think ESPN's Michael Wallace put things well in ESPN's 5-on-5 today:

Despite meeting them in the conference finals last season, the Rockets hardly scare the Warriors in any aspect of the game. I'd go as far as to suggest the Rockets are tailor-made for Golden State's playing style. Teams that relatively slowed the Rockets last season are the ones that forced them to slow down the game. I'd put the Rockets behind the Grizzlies, Thunder, Clippers and Spurs in this department.

Totally agree...except that I don't think the Clippers are in that elite class, which is part me trolling and part something that I think people have accepted as fact without much scrutiny. And that begs the question (again): why does there continue to be so much advance credit given to the Clippers and not so much to the Rockets?

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