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Video: Stephen Curry gets 1200th career three off beautiful pass from Draymond Green

Stephen Curry hits another milestone that shows just how special he is.

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

Stephen Curry has already entered most reasonable people's discussion of "best shooter ever". And yet he continues to add to the mountain of evidence by the day.

What initially caught my eye about this particular play was Draymond Green getting the rebound, initiating the break, seeing the floor like a guard, and making the beautiful cross court pass to Curry.

But it turns out that it was also a minor milestone for Curry (within the context of an already stellar career), who hit his 1200th three on that play.

So that got me wondering: how many players on that 1200 threes list have also shot at least 44% from beyond the arc for their career?

Here you go:

1200 threes
That's a lot of great shooters in the history of the league that Curry is currently ahead of (click here for the actual list, prior to Basketball-Reference updating the list). Also noteworthy: Curry's father, Dell, had 1245 in his 16 seasons. Steph will be surpassing that soon.

Curry finished the first half with a game-high 17 points to help the Warriors to a 57-44 lead at halftime.

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