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Warriors news: Ian Clark, James Michael McAdoo impressive in training camp; Mitch Richmond joins Chris Mullin at St. John's

James Michael McAdoo stands out in the scramble for the Warriors' final roster spot. Doc Rivers looks to edge "Lucky" Warriors this year. Mully & Mitch reunite as coaches.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Harrison Barnes owned the month of September. Quite literally, HB made it roll - whether it was the head of his ex-agent, or the eyes of dubious fans as we watched him turn down a platinum offer that may have sent a more proven player down a zipline of opulent dreams not more than half a decade ago; it was definitely Barnsey's show.

This month belongs to fellow University of North Carolina alum, James Michael McAdoo, so far. "Kid Dynamite" is gaining publicity as the Warriors' next golden boy. Amidst the showdown of gunslingers vying for the final roster spot, McAdoo is still casting the biggest shadow in this preseason's spotlight. The coaches are absolutely gleaming over his conduct in practice, his bounds of improvement over last season, and even more notably, this summer, as Simmons has also reported.

"He was rolling aggressively, he doesn't need plays called for him, he plays at 100 percent, and offensively and defensively, he makes plays for us. He's such a good athlete that he can finish and get around defenses. He reads the point guard really well. That's all stuff he's improved during the last year. He's a very diligent worker."

- Luke Walton

Diligent worker, indeed. This diligence, coupled with the observation of heralded developmental coach, Ron Adams, can almost assure the young thoroughbred's steep progression.

"He's intelligent and he wants to learn. He's a soft-spoken guy, but he's a great person. I know coaches get credit for inspiring players, but he's the kind of player who inspires coaches."

- Ron Adams

James Michael McAdoo's jump shot is coming along. During Summer League , he experimented and sank a step back 3-pointer to end the quarter. He shuffles at times, but his footwork is notably improved -  a testament to Adams. His first step is long and he gains his stride quickly. He prefers to drive left, though he's right handed. He's a true one-foot leaper, and has sprinkles of David Lee to his face up game.

Count on Barnett and Fitz musing about the "amphibious" forward when it comes to McAdoo. As his jumper gains consistency, and the defender crowds, he will become more than just a target of Curry or Livingston's fruition. His red zone around the rim is potentially very large, and with his deft touch and ability to explode from outside of the box, it won't take more than one dribble.

Corey Maggette gained a reputation with the Clippers as an extremely reliable offensive source who could slow the game down in the half-court with his aggressiveness. Maggs had that uncanny ability to earn his way to the line, and McAdoo could develop into that kind of forward. Controlling the pace through the charity stripe is a form of winning manipulation. The Warriors do not have that sort of asset.

Stephen Curry impressed by Ian Clark

Although he faces the more experienced Ben Gordon in competition for a roster spot, both guards should get plenty of run against the young Blazer's group. Curry was especially impressed with Clark's performance lately, as reported by Rusty Simmons of the San Francisco Chronicle.

"He’s played well. He’s not just a shooter. He’s showing he can put the ball on the floor and make plays inside and out. He’s been around a couple different teams and our Summer League program. He understands how we play, and he’s fit right in. It’s fun to watch those four or five guys fighting for a roster spot. They all play differently, but Ian has definitely shown confidence in his ability and his making the most of his opportunity right now."

- Stephen Curry

Doc Rivers seconds the James Harden Hate

Zach Lowe of Grantland reported on Doc Rivers' thoughts on the Warriors' championship run last year.

"You need luck in the West. Look at Golden State. They didn't have to play us or the Spurs. But that's also a lesson for us: When you have a chance to close, you have to do it."

- Doc Rivers

Chris Mullin happy to be at home with "The Rock"

Mitch Richmond joins Chris Mullin as assistant coach at St. John's University, as announced by St. John's yesterday. The two former Warriors will be accompanied by Garry St. Jean's son, Greg.

The trio embark on their first coaching experience in Mully's old stomping grounds of Queens. Mitch and Chris will reunite on the hardwood, and continue a bittersweet legacy, as the two were integral parts of the Run TMC era…which  was inevitably broken up too soon. The memory lives on in the east coast, as the Warriors have begun a subsequent winning era on the west; reminiscent of that beloved entertaining roster from the early 90's.

The preseason continues in Portland

The 2015 preseason continues Thursday, October 8th, 7:00 pm. at the Moda Center in Portland, Oregon and will be broadcast on radio via 680 am KNBR.

Thursday's game will feature a weakened Blazers roster, in comparison to last year's. Look for a big performance from Ian Clark, as he has impressed in practice and seems to be the favorite in the race for a shooting specialist.

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