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The Warriors have re-written the rules of what is imaginable

Nate Parham, Ivan Bettger, and Bram Kincheloe are back at it in this special Thanksgiving edition of Golden State of Mindcast.

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The gang is back at it celebrating 16-0, talking about how far the Lakers have fallen, and much more!

You can listen to the whole episode here:

Annotated talking points:

0:25: Celebrating 16-0, talking about the tragic fall of the Lakers, specifically Kobe Bryant.

9:21: More history milestones on the horizon for this Warriors team?!

14:41: Stephen Curry's sneaky, balletic athleticism.

18:30: The surprising Real plus/minus numbers.

19:40: Bram does a happy dance after a lucky guess

25: Luke Walton, coaching, and career role players emerging at great coaches: What makes a great coach?

31: The Warriors, team chemistry, finding Festus, and the importance of getting big men involved

33:15: Discussing David Thorpe's comments on Zach Lowe podcast

34:30: Laurence Scott, Warriors TV, Steve Kerr's presence and the Warriors morality

36:10: Gong hit every time small ball "death" lineup comes in, samurai style

37: Preview of upcoming schedule

38:20: Bram's nightmare: Expecting it all to come crashing down, eventually

39:30: "That's a terrible ending."

Also, here are some links to pieces that we referenced on the pod!

Zach Lowe podcast

That other Zach Lowe podcast

New York Times piece about Steph's balletic movements

Those real plus/minus numbers Ivan mentioned

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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