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Warriors at Suns community live blog: Golden State can still make more history with a win

There's still history on the table for the Warriors tonight as they face the Suns on the road.

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

The Golden State Warriors have clearly established themselves as the class of the NBA this season, already becoming the first team in NBA history to begin a season 16-0 and the first team in any major U.S. pro sport to win 16 consecutive games in consecutive seasons.

Perhaps more importantly, the Warriors have been even more dominant in doing so, according to stats from

And yet, there's still a couple of other milestones for the Warriors to reach tonight:

  • A 17th consecutive win would be the longest winning streak in franchise history.
  • A 17th consecutive win would be the most consecutive regular season wins to open a season in any major U.S. professional sport, as noted by CSN's Monte Poole the other night and described in more depth by Michael C. Jones of CBS (the WNBA is not mentioned there, but the record for that league is 10).

So ... we're no longer merely talking about a team that is among the NBA's most dominant — the Warriors are now into the conversation about being the most dominant teams in U.S. pro sports this season if they continue winning at anything near this rate.

As Clay Kallam wrote here at GSoM yesterday, we really need to savor every single moment of this season.

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