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Miss Golden State of Mind Night at Oracle? There's still time to join us in Sacramento!

Golden State of Mind will be at Sleep Train Arena on Saturday, January 9 for the Warriors' game against the Kings at 7 p.m. and we've had enough interest to get access to some additional seats.

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GSoM Night has come and gone and a section of us from GSoM watched the Golden State Warriors trample the Memphis Grizzlies by 50 points this past Monday night.

While that sort of put a damper on the prospect of sticking around even longer, those of us who stayed got to sit courtside for a conversation with Warriors assistant general manager Kirk Lacob about a variety of topics.

We previously announced a second Golden State of Mind Night in Sacramento for the Golden State Warriors' game against the Sacramento Kings on January 9 for the discounted rate of $49 (and I have contacted everyone who responded by email). Well, we've drawn enough interest to fill that group of 60 seats and we've now been offered overflow seats in the next sections over (223 and 224).

As this is our first time working closely with the Kings, we don't have a direct payment link for this event like the one the Warriors usually set up for us for GSoM Night — for this Kings event, I'll arrange payments with you individually with the help of our Kings rep and you'll pick the tickets up the tickets on the night of the game.

So how do you reserve your tickets? Just fill out this form and I'll get in touch about how you can best transfer us the money to give to the Kings (I have to keep track of how many tickets we sell so we don't over-sell).

And if we put enough pressure on Tony.psd, we can even get some special shirts for this event!

I'm considering this a trial run with the Kings and if there's enough interest, we'll definitely try to do this again and do it bigger next year. But these "overflow" seats are not a guaranteed GSoM block of tickets, so be sure to get in touch ASAP so we can make sure to get you tickets at this discounted rate as soon as possible.

But in the unfortunate event that you missed GSoM Night AND can't attend our invasion of Sacramento on January 9th, GSoM community member JR Repertoire is also organizing an event for the Warriors' trip to Sacramento this Saturday, November 7 in Section 120, Row Y.

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