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Are the 1972 Dolphins in trouble? I say yes.

The Warriors look primed to go undefeated.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Every so often, a team will get close. A team will start 9-0. 10-0. 11-0. People start to whisper. You inevitably hear some ESPN talking head face-yelling about "Oh shit! The 1972 Dolphins must be preeeeety nervous by now."

As if the 1972 Dolphins have been holed up in some mysterious bunker since the end of their dream season (which occurred in 1972, in case you were wondering). As if they've been holed up with an old 1972 TV, all eyes glued to the rise and fall of dynasties. Eating 1972 boxes of mac-n-cheese. Killing time by talking about Ziggy Stardust and ZZ Top.

They sit, arms linked, beards and fingernails grown long with the passage of time. They sit in their lonely 1972 bunker, staring at the dusty screen, and pray for failure.

Pray that each team, as it approaches their perfect record, will stumble and fall.

And, so far, it has inevitably happened. They have a large stock of champagne on-hand for such occasions.

Remember that Patriots team? Yeah, that one. They were 18-0 headed into the Superbowl.

And then, poof. Helmet catch blah blah tears of the northeast etc and suddenly the 1972 Patriots Dolphins were "breaking out the champagne!" Or, so we were told.

I think ESPN must have a 1972 reporter embedded in the 1972 bunker where they're watching all this unfold. It's the only way we'd know about the champagne, for example.

But now --BUT NOW!! -- there is a new challenger.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new face of undefeated: The 2015-2016 Golden State Warriors.

I'm calling it now. Don't even worry about the champagne this time, 1972 Dolphins. You aint gonna be breaking it out. Warriors going 82-0 followed by 16-0 in the damn playoffs to finish with a never-before-seen completely batshit insane record of 98-0. And then, they're gonna go out, find some other team, and play two more games to round it off to a perfect 100. Suck on that Wilt Chamberlain.

As Nate Parham says, "troll hard or not at all."

We're coming for you, 1972 Dolphins.

//please don't smite me basketball gods I don't mean anything, I'm sorry I even brought a football analogy into this conversation oh god please don't let Curry get hurt thank you.//

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