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The Golden State Warriors resume playing basketball, rout Denver Nuggets

The Golden State Warriors played basketball against a bad basketball team. Results were as expected. 119-104.

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I'm going to be completely frank with all of you. This recap was started during halftime, stalled during the third quarter for a light snack of chips and beer, and washed down with some side-eyeing during the fourth quarter as the Golden State Warriors polished off another blowout against a professional basketball team. Not just a specifically bad one in the Denver Nuggets, because these come as normally against good ones as they do against the cellar dwellers. Just ask the Memphis Grizzlies and New Orleans Pelicans.

If you were worried about the Nuggets cutting into the lead then, well, you haven't been paying attention the past season and 5 games. The Warriors now move to 6-0 and the only undefeated team left in the National Basketball Association. Stephen Curry posted a light 34 points and 10 assists and barely broke a sweat or three while doing it. Draymond Green nearly finished off a triple-double and the rest of the team balanced a scoring effort that peaked with a 74-point first half. Blah blah blah, just your usual win by a dominant franchise.

What's more interesting is the chatter all week about the Golden State Warriors, the growing buzz during the Los Angeles Clippers game, and now the deafening sound as the rest of the world is starting to notice that, hey, have you ever heard of that one Chicago Bulls team?

As the 30-point lead grew, the questions started to flood in: when on Earth are these Warriors going to lose? Forget the schedule. It won't matter when and where the Golden State Warriors play. For what it seems even at this point in the season, the Warriors don't look, for all intents and purposes, to be clicking on all cylinders yet. It  just so happens their normal B-level game is the sustained method with which everyone else is trying to reach. Take the 28 assists on 30 field goals in the first half, breaking the franchise record. This is a team that thrives on themselves, on what they can feed off of each other, and nothing from the opposing team can even fathom any type of resistance.

The suspense of the regular season is reaching an all-time low at this point in terms of where the Warriors stand where they finish, amongst other detailed things layman teams care about. The Warriors themselves are only concerned with their own well-being, how they continue to integrate new role players into a multi-layered offense, continuing to turn on and off the defensive switch when they please, and ultimately chasing what appears to be a plausible chance at the highest regular season win total of all time.

That is a single sentence I have typed that I am fully confident in believing the Warriors care as much about because nobody else could have ever seen this coming. A better team with a worse record? That makes sense. Some regression in terms of health? That could possibly still happen. But a small leap in terms of playmaking with Stephen Curry's release, Draymond Green's passing, Festus Ezeli's aggression, Harrison Barnes' handle, and the overall smoothness of bench play? These Golden State Warriors won the championship and fooled us into thinking this season would look a bit different than last. It will be different. Just not in the way anybody could have ever seen coming. Not like this, not this great, and nobody knows when this will ever end.

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